Brand Tryout: BECCA cosmetics

Friday, 3 February 2012

BECCA cosmetics is a brand that I'd vaguely heard of but never really read into until recently. I was contacted to try one of their star products - the Beach Tint and after reading up more on the brand I decided to give it ago as its stated as preservative and paraben free (which I'm trying to use more of when possible!) and had gotten good reviews.
The Beach Tints come in a variety of shades all £20 each, with corresponding scents to the colour name.
The packaging states it's oil-free, water-proof and streak-free and as you may know I'm a fan of long lasting, waterproof makeup!
The shade sent to me was in Strawberry; a warm, orange red that in real life looked fairly red!
On first impressions when I received the package, I was shocked at how tiny it was! After using some of the product however, I realised why.. using too much of the product would really make me look clownish, so this product is not to be used heavy handedly at all.
Here's the swatch blended:
The colour definitely shows up more orange-red once blended and looks great on the lips. On the cheeks however, I found it was more sheer and you have to use more.. Plus it does leave a slight sheen on the cheeks that I'm not usually fond of with cream blushers.
I did try it by itself on the cheeks which was barely noticeable, but it did make my powder blush last much longer when I wore it on top.
The scent is fairly nice too.. It reminded me of the shisha flavour "blue mist" however, more than a strawberry scent! Thankfully the taste is not bitter or flavoured in anyway so it won't interfere with your tastebuds or food. 

Verdict: I have to say usually I'm not a fan of cream blushes and tints, because they give a shine that I'm not too keen on.. but this one definitely did add more colour to the lips than the cream blushes I have already. As for the cheeks, I'd use it to keep powder blush on for much longer, but by itself I'd probably only use it when I haven't got time for makeup or feeling ultra lazy!
I like the fact that it's paraben and oil free and have read that it doesn't cause breakouts which is a bonus, especially for oily skin types.
All in all, it's a handy multi-tasking product that comes in other great shades too so there's a variety to suit all skin tones which is great.
If you'd like to try their Beach Tint in this "Valentine's" shade of Strawberry, BECCA cosmetics have given Frootibeauty readers the chance to use a 20% discount code on their site from the 6th - 16th February using the promo code BBE20. 

Something that I would like to try from BECCA are one of their concealers.. BECCA boast a 37 colour range of concealers (rather than the average few) and 30 foundation colours, making it seem much more easier to find the perfect shade... something I'm always looking for!

I managed to get a makeup look in too with this Beach Tint, so this weeks FFF will have a slight orange and bronze tinge to it, which you can read about in the next post! =)



  1. Hi, I tried to use the discount code for the BECCA cosmetics site, and it seems to not be working. :(

    1. Hi there, it was initially only for the Strawberry Beach Tint, so if the code didn't work for another colour that may be the reason.

      However, now I'm pleased to say that the 20% offer has been extended to everything until Thursday 16th February!

      Happy shopping =)

  2. i went to search google safiyah and becca looking for your eid campaign and came across this !

    1. Haha this was my first ever blog post trying out BECCA and now I was in the Eid campaign ☺️
      The Eid campaign is on my Instagram if you’re looking for the image 💗


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