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Tuesday 14 June 2011

[picture heavy post!]
So after my last NYX haul I was interested in trying other NYX stuff; namely the Jumbo Eye Pencils (esp in Milk & Yogurt) and the Matte Lip Creams as well as more round lipsticks. 

So on to the first of three; Jumbo Eye Pencils
I got one in Yogurt and x2 Milk coz I see myself using this more than any other colour, especially as white helps bring out the colour of any eyeshadow I'd put on top of it! 
Yogurt is a tan-beige shimmer that I've seen other MUAs on Youtube use as a base so I thought I'd try it out. On first impressions I don't think it appealed to me much.. My UDPP in Sin looks and feels tons better, but I'll defo give it a go in a makeup look soon to give a proper review. 
Milk however, at first glance (and use) impressed me coz it was a very pigmented white and blended pretty smoothly on the eye. The day I got it, I wore it by itself (no base) on the inner corner and spread out to the middle of the eyelid with a bit of grey (UD Gunmetal e/s) on the outer eyelid. By the end of the day it was still pretty much there, with just a little bit of creasing.
I love how it's a great highlighter and definitely see myself using this a lot more frequently!

The next in my haul are the NYX Matte Lip Creams (MLC). I got them in 2 shades; Addis Ababa (bright fuschia) and San Paulo (a rose-peach colour).
The MLCs are named after cities all over the world, Addis Ababa being a city in Ethiopia and San Paulo - Brazil. They're unusual cos unlike matte lipsticks they don't feel dry/tugging when going on the lips, more like butter, but unlike gloss it doesn't leave a shine (or stickiness!)
On opening the tube, the smell of caramel/toffee comes wafting out, which I personally love (for those who know me, I'm a sucker for sweet smelling products!)
I absolutely love the weirdness in texture.. it's not too drying either, so lips feel comfortably moist compared to wearing a lipstick and the colour payoff is pretty decent! I wouldn't however recommend putting a gloss on top as I tried to put one of my Sleek Pout polishes on top of Addis Ababa and ended up with it smearing everywhere and then with no trace of Addis Ababa! =(
Left: San Paulo, right: Addis Ababa:
swatches with flash:
swatches without flash:
I wore Addis Ababa the day I got this delivery along with the aforementioned Milk Jumbo Stick on the eyes and here's how it looked:
The bright pink attracted me, but unfortunately out of the two colours it does highlight dry skin much more! So unfortunately I'm gonna have to scrub my lips raw before I use this regularly.
I do hower love San Paulo 10x more, it's a gorgeous colour that I feel suits my complexion almost perfectly! It doesn't stand out too much but doesn't look nude, I love it!
San Paulo:
I'm seriously loving this colour and will be carrying it around with me from now on.

As for the NYX round lipsticks I bought, I chose the colours NYX, Femme & Louisiana.
NYX (left) is a shimmery golden bronze-orange colour, I bought it to give a 3D effect to matte or sheen lipsticks, especially red bridal lips. I'm happy with this colour as it's just what I wanted!
Femme (middle) is another coral colour I wanted, after my disappointment with frosty "Margarita" (click here). 
It's an actual coral-orange colour with a very slight shimmer and compared to the other two corals I own (Sleek Coral Reef and MAC VV Toxic Tale), it's definitely more orange toned than pink.
Here's how it looks on the lips:
Louisiana is a nice bubblegum pink colour that looks lovely and girly, with purple tones. It almost borders on the pastel side of pink but is slightly brighter, so it doesn't look too terrible on my pigmented lips. 
Compared to the other recent pink lipstick purchase (Sleek Candy Cane) it does however look more pink than Candy Cane which looks coral next to it!
And on the lips:
I also got a nice little freebie from this order on eBay from joyscosmetics for spending over a certain amount - an NYX Tinted Lip Spa (TLS) in Orange Passion. 
 See-through lid:
I actually really liked this, it does give a slight coral-y tint to the lips but not overpoweringly so. I use it usually at night if I'm honest with you, because of its moisturising properties and vitamin E, but I'd definitely carry this around with me for topup moisture as it feels great on the lips and looks nice and natural too. It has a slight minty tingle when applied to the lips too, which is nice and no stickiness. My only qualm with the product is that it's too soft; so when twisting down (or up) after use, it bends to the side, causing damage to the length of product.
 and on the lips:
All in all I'm happy with my order this time, especially the San Paulo Matte Lip Cream.. 
Do you own any NYX products? Which other products would you recommend?



  1. those matte lip creams look amazing! i wish i can find them here :( nice haul u got there :p

  2. i love your haul! i wanna try the jumbo pencils! you look gorgeous!

  3. great haul!! I so wish nyx fully would come to the UK! I wanted louisiana but the site i get them from was sold out :( I couldn't find a similar colour but I got Tea Rose which im loving as an everyday colour xx

  4. I wanted to check out a few review on the matte gloss...

  5. I've wanted to try Antwerp, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, & San Paulo. From the swatches that I've seen online so far San Paulo was my fave so I'm glad you liked it so much. Thanks for the review

  6. all of the above products can be found at www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk. Competitions and promotions can be found on their facebook page NYX UK Cosmetics. x

  7. I have the jumbo pencil in Milk, I don't think I could be without them now they really make your eyeshadow stand out. Nice lippies too x

  8. I love NYX lip products - they have a great selection of colours! x

  9. you have beautiful eyebrows and skin!
    its a shame i cant get hold of nyx where i live.


  10. I don't have any NYX products and I might just have to order some after your post!

  11. @nada - they ARE amazing! I bought mine off eBay, you can too right??

    @vikki- I saw tea rose but I tend to shy away from nudes as my lips are quite pigmented.. if I could I would wear tea rose aswell!!

    @sugar - hope this review was helpful to you =)

    @Saimese - definitely get San Paulo.. I'm thinking of buying other colours after payday but I need to budget now!

    @sperin - yes of course!! ;)

    @stacey - I'm seriously loving Milk, definitely makes my eyeshadow colours pop!

    @sami - i agree.. what colours do you have?? any more you recommend?

    @nana - aww thank you *blush* have a look at the ebay link if NYX dont ship to where you live =)

    @the makeup fairy - I'd defo recommend Milk Jumbo pencil and San Paulo.. they're my fave


  12. I've got NYX pencil in Milk =) I love wearing it under bright colors !!!

    these lip creams look awesome =)

    xxx Vee

  13. I love NYX products jumbo pencils and lipgloss are amazing..I love there Nude lipsticks


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