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Thursday, 10 May 2012

I've had my eye on this brand for a while now, particularly after their recent Snow White & The Huntsman palette (we all know I love palettes!), so after receiving a lovely package containing a couple of DDP beauty products, I couldn't wait to get testing.

For those of you who don't know, Diego Dalla Palma (DDP) is an Italian makeup artist who created his own line of makeup and is akin to MAC in Italy. The cosmetic line boasts over 250 products starting from £10 here in the UK. You can find their UK versions of facebook and twitter too for updates and competitions.

The products I received were all eye products so I shall get down to a makeup look very soon with them!

Colour Eye Shadows
DDP eyeshadows come in two variants - eye shadow and colour eye shadow. The colour eye shadows are more full and vibrant in colour with a silky texture. I was sent shades 54 (light purple), 55 (dark purple) and 60 (black w/shimmer).
Packaging: I quite like the packaging of the eyeshadows; the white square with simple DDP logo on the front in black and a thin black border in the middle where the case opens. It reminds me of little biscuits or reverse smores. Each individual eyeshadow comes with a sponge applicator, handy for travelling.
Colour & Pigmentation: They each have fairly good colour payoff, but needs to be used/swiped a couple times to get full colour. 55 is comparable to UD Psychedelic Sister e/s and 60 most comparable to UD Creep (Naked palette). I found 55 & 60 to be more pigmented than 54.
Texture: They're not as soft as UD shadows, but not chalky or too powdery either.
Scent: n/a
Price: At £14 each, DDP single eyeshadows are more expensive than MAC and UD single eyeshadows, so I'd expect them to be a bit more softer and pigmented!

FrootiFactor: Despite its price, these shadows are quite cute and fairly pigmented so I'd give them a FrootiFactor of 4.5:
Eye Pencil
DDP eye pencils also come in two formats - waterproof eye pencil and just a normal eye pencil. The packaging of the waterproof eye pencil reminded me strongly of UD's 24/7 eye liners by looking at a picture, but I received the normal eye pencil in black (01). There are 12 shades altogether in this eye pencil and only black in the waterproof version.
Packaging: First impressions was that the outer box was unusually long! The pencil also corresponded to this length which was still pretty long especially when held up to the eye in front of a mirror! 
Colour & Pigmentation: Black; pigmentation-wise it's fairly good and dark but needs to be swiped back and forth a bit.
Texture: Fairly hard, even after warming up on the hand the product felt like it was tugging on the skin.
Longevity: Unfortunately not waterproof as I was left with panda eyes half an hour later of trying the product!
Scent: No scent apart from the usual wooden pencil smell
Price: At £13 each they're an average high-end brand price, however I wouldn't pay this much for a non-waterproof liner!

FrootiFactor: I can't say I'm a fan of this pencil as I'm more of a waterproof/long lasting makeup kind of girl; It would however be better for a smoky look as this pencil smudges easily and has great pigmentation.
I personally don't use products that smudge or that I have to touch up so I'd have to give this pencil a 1.5:
Very Violet Mascara
I received a purple mascara (95) which tied in nicely with the whole purple theme which is very me! 
Packaging: Nice simple clear tube aside from lid which is black. Mascara wand is natural bristles which I prefer in a mascara.
Colour & Pigmentation: Very pigmented mascara with reddish purple tone.
Texture: Feels slightly sticky/heavy when worn.
Longevity: Not waterproof/long lasting.
Scent: n/a
Price: At £16 it's fairly pricey for a coloured mascara that may not be worn everyday and isn't longlasting! 

FrootiFactor: Again as this mascara isn't wearable everyday or longlasting, I'd give it a 1.5:

Overall the products I liked the most was the eyeshadows; the eye pencil and mascara were good products but not for me as I prefer waterproof/long lasting products on a day to day basis as well as for occasions. I do have my eye on the pop art lippies though, they look so cute and are in pretty colours as well as the Snow White palette.
DDP products are available at larger Tesco stores or online. 

Have you tried Diego Dalla Palma products? Which have you tried and what do you think of them?


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