Gold eyes, Red Lips

Sunday 14 November 2010

Here's a look I did with the better Sony camera that suits most skin types.. but I personally don't think it suits my own skin tone. On darker skin colour and even pale complexions this look is stunning, but I don't personally like it on myself! I thought I'd give it a go though, seeing as it's a glamourous look and I can use my new Barry M buys - Lip Lacquer Crayon in No 1 (red) & Lip Gloss Wand in Cherry (glitter).

I tried to make this a budget look, using the Gilt gold cream eyeshadow from Primark that I got a couple weeks ago, and a couple other budget brands, Sleek, Barry M etc.
Here's a full list of products used (although it doesn't look that much!):

> Primark Gilt Gold cream eyeshadow
> Sleek inkpot
> myface.cosmetics concealer in "213"
> Dior Show mascara (black)
> Sleek Rose Gold blush
> Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon in "No. 1"
> Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in "cherry"

First I applied UDPP, although it rendered useless against the cream eyeshadow! I've never been a fan of cream eyeshadows for this exact reason, hence why the Gold Gilt all over the eyelid is somewhat lightly applied- to avoid creases. After applying Gold Gilt to the full eyelid, I used Sleek inkpot as a topliner, leaving the lower lashline bare. I then used under eye concealer and finished the eye with Dior Show mascara.
For the rest of the face I used Sleek Rose Gold blush on the cheeks, then Barry M No. 1 Lip Lacquer on the lips (here's how it looks alone):

Then I added Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in Cherry on top:

Here's how it looked altogether:



  1. That is the most lovliest red ever, beatuiful! x

  2. =) thanks girls! I love the colour on me, not all reds suit me, but this colour would probably suit all skin types, and the lipgloss is cute (and smells like cherry too!)


  3. I like how the lippie looks on you! It's very sultry! :)


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