Naked palette leopard print Beyonce eyes

Friday, 26 November 2010

After looking back at Beyonce's Kitty Kat video (click here), I thought I'd try the once crazed leopard print eye, and what better palette to use than the UD Naked palette!

Here's some stills of how Beyonce's eyemakeup looked:

Very meowww!

Here's the products used for the look:
> Bare Minerals foundation "medium beige" & "warmth"
> UD Naked palette - half baked, smog & darkhorse (for eyebrow filling)
> MAC rapidblack penultimate eyeliner
> UD Ink For Eyes in "zero"
> MAC moisturecover concealer in NC35
> Dior Iconic mascara
> Sleek Glo in "bronze baby"
> Elf lipgloss in "honey"

I started with putting Half Baked all over the eye after using UDPP. I then drew leopard "C" shapes all over the eyes with MAC rapidblack penultimate eyeliner, from eyelid to eyebrow a la Beyonce. I filled the C shapes with Smog and used Darkhorse to fill in my eyebrows. To line the eyes I used UD Ink For Eyes in Zero, using the liner brush for the top eyelid, and the smudger for the bottom line, smudging heavily for the smoky line that Beyonce dons in the video. I finished the eyes with Dior Iconic mascara...

Her face is very bronzed and contoured in the vid, so I tried to re-enact the angular bronzed cheeks, but couldn't go the whole hog, reshaping the nose etc. I used the "warmth" from Bare Minerals on the cheeks, as well as a swipe down the brown-bronze bit of Sleek Glo Baby, in a right angled sweep under the cheek bone and straight down.
For the lips I used a golden-nude colour; Elf lipgloss in Honey.

Me vs B..



  1. That looks hot! I'd never be able to pull that off but it looks good on you!
    You have really good eyebrows too!

    sriya xx

  2. aww thanks! only recently got them done you know, wasn't too sure about the new shape but it seems cleaner so I think I'm gonna keep em that way :)
    You should defo try the look, it's really reaaally simple and easy to do and it IS in your name too! ;)

  3. that is so gorgeous! you done a really great job x

  4. Wow that looks amazing! Beyonce would be proud!
    Gloria x x x

  5. OMG! you did a great job :) love the look

  6. So pretty, I think I prefer your version!

  7. Very nice, I'm impressed with your skillz! Your take is much less fake looking - I like it!

    Best, Lisamarie

  8. =D thanks, and just aswell, anything too airbrushed/fakelooking takes away the amazingness of it doesnt it? =)


  9. love it! i did the same look for halloween! didn't have my naked palette yet though! brilliant! ♥

    p.s. don't you just L♥VE the naked palette!?


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