Naked Spotting

Sunday 28 November 2010

No it's not in any way related to flashing or nudity, last Wednesday I popped into Boots in High Street Kensington and spotted Urban Decay Naked Palettes! I was pretty shocked seeing as they're sold out in every shop that stocks Urban Decay, so I thought it was worth blogging about for those of you who live in London and are desperately seeking the naughty palette.

I managed to take some pics with my phone of the stock on Wednesday (hopefully they're still there!):

Good luck finding them otherwise!

Also on Wednesday I spotted something that made me stop and stare in pleasant shock:

My own beauty brand (if it was spelled UI insteady of OO)! I joke, it was M&S's range of budget beauty products, but it caught my eye and I was pretty impressed.. future buying prospects?! 

Finally, I'm putting together another giveaway seeing as the numbers are creeping up slowly.. this time it'll be a bit better, so when I reach 130 followers on Google/Blogger, I'll announce more info! Keep tuned and don't forget to keep sharing, so it comes sooner ;)



  1. I'm sure you will reach it pretty soon!! :)

    I love my Naked palette, I have been using it nearly everyday

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. Aww thanks! And I knoww, its very versatile, my cousins have all bought it on my recommendation and love it! =)


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