NYX competition winner!

Wednesday 3 November 2010

After a loooong & boring day today, I came home to see I have an email from NYX cosmetics.. saying I won their Facebook Halloween competition! I entered my Halloween look (click here), and now I have £35 to spend online =D 

But I would like some help... if anyone has tried their products before, please please tell me which ones are the best/ which you recommend! I want to buy a red lipstick, so if you know which would suit an olive-yellow tone, that'd be great! And I'm thinking of buying one of their glitter cream palettes, probably "surreal".. has anyone tried these palettes??

Can't wait to blog about what I do choose in the end, I am sooo happy yay!!



  1. Oii!! YOU...YEH YOU..THE GAWJUSS ONE! CONGRATULATIONS!! And thank you mucho fer my award lovely :D i'll get round to sorting that out tonight inshallah :]

    About NYX, i;ve heard and seen good things but never got round to buying any. Apparently their round lippies are great, you can find plenty of swatches online and their lashes look bloody nice :] does this mean that NYX has finally come to england?? or is it o spend on their american site? HAPPY SPENDING! huge mwahz xxxx

    p.s. smina means fat/fatty! Your sis in laws will probably understand my lingo lol

  2. lol aww thank uu! yeaa NYX have come to UK! Only recently though, check www.nyxcosmeticsstore.co.uk
    Yea I'm searching blogs to see other peoples NYX buys.. I'm proper happy =D

    And lool well my hubby was baffed when I asked him (he's a coconut like me though!) lol yea my in laws probably would know hehe xx

  3. congratulations! nyx is my fave drugstore brand..
    i highly recommend their lipgloss "smokey look"


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