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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

You may have noticed I have used "own brand" products in a couple posts..
Usually, own brand labels of shops/department stores are quite pants if I must say so myself. HOWEVER, I bought a couple lipglosses, eye glitters & eye pencils etc from Debenhams last month and they're pretty good for one offs/makeover nights. The lipgloss barrels that Debenhams sell are a barrrgain,10 lipglosses for £5, thats 50p each! They're not sticky, the have just the right shades of colours you may ever need, and smell of vanilla, bit like the Elf vanilla ones do.

As for the eyeliners, some are a bit harder than others, but a quick rub between the hands softens them enough to be usable, and the eye glitters admittedly have terrible brush hairs (some thick, some nice and thin like UD heavy metal ones) but they do the job if you want to add a bit of glitter to your face, or I tend to use them over henna patterns (on back of hands).

Here's swatches of them; top line of swatches is the eyepencils with glitter I thought matched the eyeliner; bottom line of swatches is eyeliners alone

It's worth checking out own brand makeup, particularly from well known shops for quality and no skin reactions, I thought "frontcover" (sold at Boots) was own brand aswell, but stand corrected by Small Town Gal lol!
Boots actual own brands (17 & No7 especially) are pretty decent too =)



  1. Frontcover isn't a Boots brand, they just stock it. No.7, 17, and Natural Collection are Boots' cosmetic brands, they sell skincare under Boots Botanics as well.

    I'll have to check the eyeliners out! I always love buying colourful eyeliners but don't wear them very often so I don't like to spend much on them, these seem ideal, thanks for the post :D

  2. Oh wow! My bad lol, I thought it was, thanks for correcting me hehe :$

    And no worries, the lipglosses are defo the best product out of all of them though :D

  3. I agree. But I am pleased with the range in colours. :)


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