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Friday, 12 November 2010

I've been waiting for two packages all week and they both arrived today, so I was super excited! Last week was my luckiest week ever, first I won the NYX halloween competition to spend £35 on their website, then I entered the facebook competition of feelunique.com (click here), and I won £50 to spend on their site too! I actually thought it was a scam competition when I won £50 just like that, but then I saw other people won things too on the page, so I ordered and it worked!!
Obviously I got all my mates to enter too, but unfortunately the most they got was 10% off.. So I feel so grateful God has seen how broke I am, yet yearning a lot lol!

Anyway, here's what I ordered from NYX:

And here's what I ordered from feelunique:

When I went Covent Garden the other week with my mates, we popped into the Bare Escentuals shop, where my mate tried on their foundation with the help of the assistant. Personally, I'm not a foundation person; they're either too heavy on my skin, not the right shade, or if they're a powder like this, too dry on my already dry skin! Plus I don't like the idea of taking copious amounts of make up off (I already do with eyeshadow, concealer & blush!). 
Anyway, when I saw it being put on her, I thought it looked nice, gave great coverage and suited her tone nicely, giving her a nice glow. It's only when we were going home via the tube that I looked back at her and was wowed by how flawless her skin looked! Then I read reviews about it and how it "magically transforms your skin" after at least 15mins, and I couldn't help but believe it as I saw it with my own eyes. So obviously this was in the basket asap when I saw it, and although I hadn't tried any on myself, I decided to go with the shade that the assistant tried on her, as she's similar to me; Medium beige.
I also am still on the lookout for the perfect solution for my terrible zombie-ish dark circles and read pretty good reviews on the Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles so I thought I'd give that a go.

I couldn't wait to dig in and swatch, so I tried a makeup look as soon as it came today using as much as I could and I've been wearing the NYX Diamond Sparkle lipstick since 2pm and it still feels moist.. naice!
Stand by for the makeup look (with my Lumix camera!)



  1. so lucky! the nyx eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous as well :O x

  2. congrats! you picked some great things with your winnings :)

  3. Hey! Lucky you!! Maybe I should enter more comps :P

    I'm on the fence with Bare Minerals... it just seems tooo full coverage for me... But would love to see some FOTDS of you wearing it to get an idea! xx


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