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Friday, 19 November 2010

As a complete girly girl and total magpie, I've always loved all things shiny/glittery/sparkly. I get super excited by glitter especially, so when I saw the Mavala "diamond" nail polishes, I couldn't help but buy. Of course I used my loyalty points at Debenhams to get it, but the polishes are so gorgeous I would have bought without (and without Mr Frootibeauty knowing!)

As with all glittery cosmetics though, it's not so easy to get off, but it's worth the struggle for how pretty they are! My favourite without a doubt is the "pure diamond" - multicoloured silver glitter! It's the reason I actually bought the set. At the moment Debenhams are selling a pack of 8 polishes for £15 (6 "diamond"/glitter polishes and a top and base coat), but I didn't like the other glittery polishes too tough, so I just stuck with the duo set =)

I also found a glitter cream eyeshadow palette (own brand again!) and just had to try it.. there were so many colours and they were all shining at me!
and out of the packaging (click picture to enlarge):

I tried them out and my favourite one so far has to be the big peach glitter circle in the bottom left corner. Colour-wise, the glitters are quite sheer with only a hint of colour and they're quite tricky to work with, using the included applicators anyway! Compared to the NYX glitter creams (where the glitter sat on top of the stickier part), this did seem a bit easier, but in all honesty the effect was a little better on the eyes with the NYX glitter creams.

As for the NYX Candy glitter eyeliner, I bought it to see if it was a dupe of my most favourite UD Heavy metal eyeliner - Spandex. As you can see in the picture below, the colour is almost identical! 

I am happy with this eyeliner in terms of dupe for UD Spandex, but the applicator brush is way too thick than what I am used to with UD; Here's Urban Decay's fine brush:

And here's NYX applicator:

I'll be posting the makeup look I did with the glitter creams, and once my nails have grown back I'll hopefully get some pictures with the Mavala diamond polishes =)



  1. I am loving the glitteryness of it all! x x x

  2. Love it.. Great haul! So sparkly.. Can't wait to see what looks you come up with! I'm a new follower btw :)

    Sriya xx

  3. Look forward to seeing what kind of looks you come up with! I'm not a big fan of glitter personally... I just can't seem to use it without making a mess! xx


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