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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hello my lovelies!

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have a backlog list of posts as I've been busy with my 2014 masterclass, but now that it's over, I will be posting more as I should have some more time.

In the mean time, this weeks guest post is by the lovely Iqra over at The Blushing Giraffe; another recent blog discovery, I love her writing style and pictures, so do check her blog out <3 

My Favourite High Street Nude Lipsticks

Hello lovely FrootiBeauty readers! My name is Iqra, and I am a fairly new beauty blogger over on The Blushing Giraffe! I am so excited to be able to do write a guest post for the beautiful Safiyah and I hope you enjoy this read!

Nude lipsticks are almost fail proof, they’re easy to apply without it smudging over the edges (red lipsticks), they aren’t loud and in-your-face like some brighter lipsticks, and usually they accentuate the eye makeup beautifully. The tricky thing with them is finding the right nude for YOU. I have been hunting for this since I started enjoying makeup and the creativity that it allowed, but each lip product I tried either washed me out, made me look gaunt and scary or was too brown to be considered a nude colour for my NC30-35 skin tone. I have to admit I am quite the fusspot when it comes to lipsticks anyway, I find they can be a real faff to wear because they seem to either cling to all the dryness on the lips or they keep fading and need reapplying!

This hunt I should add didn’t include higher end lipsticks, and I’m sure if you went to a MAC counter and asked to be matched to a few nudes, you’d find a shade to your liking that ticked the boxes. For someone who usually wears nude tones, a high end and expensive lipstick isn’t the most purse friendly thing, so thankfully I have found two lipsticks that both look absolutely beautiful and are half the price of a MAC lippie! On top of that they feel comfortable on the lips and are creamy and moisturising rather than drying. 
The wear time is decent, I get a good few hours before I feel the need to top up, and as mentioned before they don’t cling to the lips so reapplying is also a breeze! If you haven’t already guessed by the photo, I’m talking about Rimmel’s moisture renew collection of course! These particular ones are the older packaging, and they have recently bought out even more shades in slightly sleeker outer casing, but as far as I am aware the older kind are still available (for now!)

Starting with my all time favourite, Notting Hill Nude it is pretty much the perfect ‘my lips but better shade’. It’s nothing like concealer at all (winning!) and is more of a peachy shade with a leaning towards pink, so doesn’t wash you out in the slightest. I really do think this would look wonderful on most skin tones because in terms of a wearable nude lipstick it’s hit the nail on the head! 
It’s very easy to use, and I tend to pop this on when unsure what colour to go for. What’s great about it is how it would look beautiful on skin tones over NC25-30 too because most drugstore nude lippies seem to cater for the skin tone and under only!
The second lipstick is more of a ‘true nude’ and funnily enough is called Nude Delight. I always stayed away from this shade, thinking it was going to wash me out far too much, but when I saw the beautiful Sana from lookamillion wearing this with one of her amazing eye looks I decided to try it and I’m so glad I did! When I have made a bit of an effort with eyeshadow and really do want the nude lip look this is the shade I go for, the perfect nude for skintones NC30 and under, it’s just beautiful with or without a gloss on top.

Available for £6.49 from boots (but always wait for a 3 for 2 offer!) these lippies are well worth a look!

Thank-you for reading and a huge thank you to Safiyah for this opportunity! It’s an absolute honour <3 

You can find my blog at www.TheBlushingGiraffe.com, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so please do say hello ^_^

Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x

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