Tuesday Takeover: Yazmiinaktar - L'Oreal x Isabel Marant

Tuesday 30 October 2018

It's been a while since I've posted but now that I'm back from a little break with my son, I plan on posting more regularly iA <3

I enlisted help from fellow mummy blogger Yazmiinaktar who expressed her interest in these L'Oreal x Isabel Marant collab lipsticks and she did an amazing job of reviewing them.. read on for more!

As-Salaamu Alaikum Peace Be Upon You ♥ 

Hi guys, you won't believe it - Saf's only done it again! She's let me review an amazing makeup collab and only gone and sent me six lipsticks from the L'oreal Paris X Isabel Marant limited edition collection. When she shared her mail unboxing on Instagram and shared this collection, I mentioned how these reds and neutrals look so wearable, especially against my golden skintone and dark lips, it was a collection I was personally excited to try becuase in my opinion the Balmain collection was a disappointment as they wearn't as wearable as I thought they'd be when I went to view it in person. But this collection on the other hand is so stunning and wearable.
I've always been a fan of red lips, I think this comes from my mom as she's always been a red lip wearer and one iconic look I know her for. So I'm pleased to have found nude and red lipsticks which suit my complexion as well as my two toned lips. My upper lip is dark whilst my lower lip is quite pink.

The quote that was picked out for the packaging, quite frankly does make me smile, and definitely sets you off with self-confidence and a strong attitude. I love how a lipstick makes me feel complete and finishes off a look.
The packaging reminds me of Nars as it has that luxe rubber casing, but visually much more pleasing to look at as it's coated with a gold bullet interior.
I received six out of seven lipsticks from the collection (below left to right) we have: BASTILLE WHISTLE || a soft nude, quite sheer in application LA SEINE SHADOW || a nude with mauve-pink undertones PIGALLE WESTERN || a bright pink-toned red PALAIS ROYAL FIELD || a bright cherry red LA BUTTE MARSHALL || a classic maroon BELLEVILLE RODEO || a deep burgandy red with a hint of bourbon
I'm missing SAINT GERMAIN ROAD but it's all good, it's just another red suitable for all. Now I love red lips, it's such a quick, bold, clean look for that extra pop 💋 I usually gravitate more towards the maroon and burgandies... the darker reds. But from the whole collection I absolutely adored PIGALLE WESTERN because it's the brightest red I wore and one which I was scared to try and genuinely thought I would dislike, but turned out to be the opposite! I'm really pleased to have come across this colour and be given the opportunity to swatch and try it out for you.
Below I have taken images of the lipsticks as well as swatches first without flash and then with. P.S. I'm aware my lipstick swatches aren't the best and for this I'm sorry! I triedddd! 

The lipsticks are very soft and creamy when applied, they're not 100% opaque, but the colour is very buildable and layerable. They're infused with Camelia Oil, which helps explain the softness. The lipsticks bleed a lot, so lipliners are a definite must! They're really long lasting except when you eat, they most definitely come off and transfer, but that's expected with such a creamy formula.
For the purpose of try-on-swatches (below) I did not use any lipliners as I wanted to show the lipstick colours in their truest forms. I've shown them in the same order as listed in the swatches above!
And that my lovelies is the end of the post! I hope you enjoyed seeing the try-on-swatches, let me know if they're useful!
I genuinely belive, the colours in the range are absolute classics, all of which ooze Parisian chic, defying style and time! So you definitely won't be disppointed with whats offered.
They're currently retailing at £9.99, however, I've found them on sale [here] for £6.95 each.
OH, and if you don't follow [Safiyah Tasneem] already, what are you doing? She's definitely my ultimate swatch queen - and someone who totally needs to give me swatching lessons - LOL! I've previously, done a guest post on her blog [here] where I reviewed PUR cosmetics, go have a read and support her if you don't already.
Until my next post xoxo
P.s. product shot inspiration from the lovely @ailah__ on instagram, her photography is amazing! Go show her support!


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