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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Last Saturday (16th November), I held my second masterclass, which involved recreating my Green Motives Party Makeup Look below:
I chose this look as it was fairly popular in my recent posts and I wanted to do a colour makeup look that people could try and get comfortable with as my last class was a neutral coloured look and colour is always something people could add when going out/matching outfits (you can read all about my first masterclass here).

The class was held in the lovely new St Pauls Community Centre near Mile End in London which was a lot larger than the salon I used last time and held 22 people comfortably, with a few of my lovely helpers dotted around.
#frootimasterclass signs up outside the room

the classroom empty and set up, before the students came in!
the pretty butterfly mirrors for everyone to see themselves in
I had the room set up in a kind of horse-shoe shape with extra chairs in the middle (in front of my demonstration table and chair) and behind me was two extra tables, one for food and one for the spare makeup I'd brought for those who didn't have everything I had put down on a list.
some of the spare makeup, brushes and disposables available
a lovely shot of the cupcakes I had made by the lovely Saleha for the class 

The Class

I split the class into 3 main parts that I always get asked about by clients and followers/readers: 
  • eye makeup
  • foundation and concealer
  • basic contouring 
The main part of any makeup look I do (whether on myself or on clients) is always concentrated on the eyes, therefore it made sense to spend more time on the eyes to perfect the blending technique and then concentrate on the main parts of foundation, concealer and contouring.

I started with the eyes on my model, using the same Motives eyeshadows I used in the blog post, and showed the class how I blend and highlight the browbone, using a range of brushes and how to use them.

me with my massive Motives palette!
applying the eyeshadow on model
I was going to go on and finish the eyes in one go but the class felt like they had a fair few steps to do already so I let them all go back to their seats to get started and dotted around to help where needed:
the lovely Annie from
Naheeda from LoveNaheeda/StreetPrincess
Yasmin doing her other eye superbly while I went around helping others

Not everyone felt comfortable with putting a colour as bright as green on their eyes, but I did encourage as many people to try the colour out before settling for a neutral as it's a great opportunity to do so in a class like this!
The girls then came back together to watch me finish the rest of the eye makeup; no makeup look is complete without eyeliner and mascara and of course the brows had to be filled in so I demonstrated this and let the class get on with this before we broke for a lunch break.
everyone getting their eyeliner on, whilst I went around helping here and there

students helping eachother out
After a well deserved lunch break, the girls came back we went straight onto concealer and then foundation.
Again, I went around the room as the students applied their foundations, and answered any concerning questions about their foundations and how to use them as everyone in the class had different types of foundations and concealers.
Finally, I hit the topic of contouring, highlighting and blush which is always requested by both followers and clients these days, so I taught my ways of contouring the cheeks and face, where it enhances the natural features without being too OTT.
the class listening avidly!
picture of me contouring by Sheenie of Just-Nice-Things
Sheenie, Ayshe and Annie getting their contour on!
I then left the girls to choose whichever lip colour they liked to go with their look; not everyone went with green eyeshadow but those who did had a choice of colours (as in my picture at the beginning of this post).

Some of the lovely students and bloggers who attended:
Sobia & Busola
Asmaa (Chocoholic Hijabi) & Naheeda (LoveNaheeda/StreetPrincess)
Sheenie (Just-Nice-Things) and Ayshe (Discovering Beauty)
Asma & Aliya
Aaliyah (PyariBeauty) who totally suited the green shadow best!
Annie (Epiphannie) & Sam (SamRam)

More pictures of the class and students can be found on my facebook page album: November 2013 Makeup #frootimasterclass


Of course my lovely students couldn't leave without their purple goodie bags which contained some makeup goodies from my favourite brands Motives, Urban Decay, Nanshy, Kiko, Ardell, to name a few!

I also managed to get a group pic with a few of the girls before we left (excuse the tired face, I was well and truly knackered by this point!):
I really loved teaching this wonderful group of girls; the way they adopted the eyeshadow techniques and made the look their own made me really proud and I would definitely love to do a few more in 2014 hopefully!

I really would like to say a big thanks to a few people for helping make this class happen too; MangoWhirl for being photographer, helper, timekeeper and more, as well as Loren Ridinger for Motives, Paula from Nanshy, Susannah (and Georgie) from Estee Lauder and of course the lovely girls who attended the class!

Of the bloggers who attended, Sheenie, Sam, Asmaa and Aaliyah reviewed my masterclass, do have a read over on their blogs to see what they thought and how they got on!

If you're interested in attending a masterclass in the near future, do contact me via email.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post and if you'd attend a masterclass like this!



  1. Aysh, Annie and I look like we're perfecting a carefully choreographed routine with our contouring! Thank you for the mention. Looking forward to the next one. Xxx

    1. Haha you really do! lol I love those shots, shows how everyone was doing the same thing at pretty much the same time =D xx

  2. Amazing, i wish to be there :)

    1. Aw thank you Sania, I'm hoping to hold another class in January/February, so please feel free to email me if you are interested in attending! x


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