Sunday Swatches: Kiko Colour Evolution Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Now that palette name is a mouthful in itself!

This weeks Sunday Swatches post is a requested one after I put up a picture and video of the palette on my Instagram.

Back in December 2011, I bought another colourful holiday palette by Kiko (blog post here) and was impressed with the quality back then and not much has changed since then, but in fact my opinion of Kiko is higher now. Scroll further for this year's Holiday eyeshadow palette from Kiko and swatches.

Evolution Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

This limited edition palette boasts 16 shades of baked eyeshadows in a range of finishes, from pearly, to matte, to sparkly and metallic.


Packaging: These gorgeous baked shadows are encased in their square sturdy two-tone case which looks pinky-white in different lights and a holographic round circle design in the middle. Inside the lid is a full mirror which is handy.

Colour & Pigmentation: The shadows are much less powdery than the Light Impulse eyeshadow palette as the baked texture means they have more intense pigmentation. They can be used wet or dry, however I used them dry to swatch them above and they were still pretty pigmented (some were swiped twice).
Some shades are more pigmented than others; generally matte shadows are less pigmented usually but these are all fairly decent, including the matte shades.

Texture: The texture isn't as powdery as the Light Impulse palette but still not as soft/buttery as Urban Decay shadows of course.. Some shades were more silky/smooth than others within the palette.

Longevity: Baked products generally last longer when worn on the skin so I'd say these would last, particularly if worn with an eyeshadow primer. Baked products also hold together better in the packaging which means you use less product and it lasts longer!

Price: At £34.90 it works out as around £2.20 per eyeshadow which is a bargain in my books.

FrootiFactor: I'd give this palette a 4 out of 5 as I feel like it has a great mix of neutrals, brights and mattes and of course the value of the product is worth it considering how long the product would last in your makeup wardrobe!
Overall, I'd say its a great palette to get for yourself or as a present this Christmas as it has a good mix of shades and finishes.

Kiko have a few different Holiday gift sets available, including for the nails, lips, eyes, face and brushes, so it's definitely worth having a look at your nearest Kiko store and online at

Have you ever tried any Kiko products? What are your thoughts on the brand?



  1. Your swatches are so beautiful! Teach me your ways :') mine always turn out so rubbish haha
    great review, I love the variety of colours in this palette, seems really useful for the Asian wedding season haha
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

    1. Aw thank you Iqra, I just use my fingers and swipe along my arm!
      Yes I would certainly say its great for Asian weddings too =D xx


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