Makeup Masterclass; Arabic Naked Palette Look

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This Sunday just gone, I held my first makeup masterclass based on the makeup look in this blog post, which coincidentally happens to be one of my most popular looks! 
I chose this look not only for its popularity, but also because the products listed are pretty much staples in all beauty bloggers'/makeup fans' collections; namely the UD Naked palette and other neutral products like bronzers, eyeliner and lipstick.
Despite the neutral colours however, the look is fairly full on/glamorous particularly because it has a double eyeliner flick.

The class was held in a small but cosy salon in East London (Pink Crust) and I kept the group small enough to be able to give attention to everyone.. which worked out well in the end!
Appropriate quotes dotted around the salon
I decided to start on the eye makeup rather than foundation, so that the hardest part would be out of the way.. and seeing as that's what a lot of my followers like the most, I thought it would be best to focus on that!

Numera (of Hommesdefemmes) volunteered to be my lovely model who I used to show the steps on, followed by everyone going ahead and doing the same on themselves. 
Priming the eye with NYX JEP in Milk
The girls picked up the look and techniques really well and watching all their looks come together definitely was a proud moment for me!
The girls getting to grips with the look
Another lovely quote
I love this symmetrical shot of doing eyeliner!
It was great to answer any questions as we went along in steps; I encouraged the girls to give their own takes on the look and dotted in and out if help was needed, but to be honest you'd think these girls were pros!
Here are some of their eyes finalised (without lashes):
Aalia (of Hijabi with Style)
Shirin's eye
Numera (I didn't get a closeup of the other eye!)
The talented Sheenie of Just Nice Things who by the way was a super pro!
It was amazing to see practically carbon copies of my makeup look and I was really impressed with the girls' efforts! 
After the main focus of eye makeup was done I decided to quickly go through foundation, blusher/bronzer/contouring, eyebrows and lips on Numera as these were the next main concerns.
The final look:

Sheenie's completed look which she put up in her blog post blew me away:
Do have a read through her post here, she has even more pictures of the day and her lovely makeup. <3 

You can also read Numera & Aalia's posts on the masterclass too =)

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this look, the girls were a great bunch and very talented so I look forward to holding another class in the near future!

If you're interested in attending a masterclass in the near future, do contact me via email:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


  1. Omg I love this look! If I lived anywhere near you, I so would join!!

  2. They look absolutely beautiful! I love those looks x

    1. Thank you! They looked great I must say, very proud x

  3. MashaAllah stunning! Well done :) Hanni xxx

  4. Loving this post!! The MU is gorgeous xx

    1. Thanks hun, the girls were amazing =) xx

  5. Mashallah Safiyah I'm so proud of you, everyone's make-up here looks very professional. You seriously need to do another class in the near future!

    1. Thanks hun, appreciated! Inshallah I plan to don't worry =) xx

  6. I love all the makeup looks in this post and i really love the beauty saying in the salon.

  7. Amazing, well done on your successful masterclass :o) everyone looks to of done brilliantly x

    1. Thank you hun, I agree, the girls were amazing =) xx


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