Purple and orange cut crease FOTD makeup look

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hellooo, my lovelies!
So the other day I felt like doing an orange look and was thinking to pair it with purple.. I tweeted for suggestions and the purple was confirmed by Tinkerbelldani.. so here it is!

Products used:
> UDPP & NYX JEP in Milk
> Sleek Caribbean Palette - Bloody Mary, Purple Haze, Blue Lagoon, Apres Midori and Espresso Martini
> Sleek Avoir La Peche Palette - Sandstone & Tangelo
> UD 24/7 liquid liner in Perversion
> UD 24/7 pencils in Zero & Lust
> UD Cannonball mascara
> MAC select moisturecover in NC35
> UD baked bronzer in Toasted
> UD Brow Box in Brown Sugar
> MAC lipstick in Spitfire (WW collection), Toxic Tale (VV collection)

After priming the eye with UDPP (original) and NYX JEP in Milk, I used a liner brush to make the "cut crease" with Purple Haze from the Caribbean palette. I then used Sandstone from the Avoir la Peche palette on the inner corner and on the brow bone. Tangelo (avoir la peche) was then placed further along the eyelid, with Bloody Mary (caribbean) at the end. I used a blending brush to place Purple Haze above the cut crease, blending into Sandstone on the brow bone.
For the top liner I used UD Perversion liquid liner and for the bottom lash line I used a liner brush to add Blue Lagoon and Apres Midori, followed by UD Lust pencil on the waterline (and Zero on the top waterline!)
Finishing the eyes, I used UD Cannonball mascara, coating lashes twice as the liner is quite dramatic, so the eyelashes need to stand out more:
For the rest of the face I used MAC concealer under the eye and UD baked bronzer on the cheeks and forehead.
For the lips I mixed a combination of MAC's Toxic Tale (from the Venomous Villains collection) and Spitfire (from the WonderWoman collection).
I decided to darken the purple and added Espresso Martini to the Purple Haze as I wanted the cut crease to be more apparent and here's how it looked:
And the full face look:
Which look do you prefer? And what do you think about this crazy colour combination?!
Also, if you have any other colour combination suggestions, please do let me know!



  1. It is so beautiful, congratulations:*

  2. Stunning! I think I'm going to have to try and recreate this - it's not going to look nearly as good as yours though!

  3. Wow, that's more than beautiful...so pretty!!

  4. Oh that is so perfect! It's just a perfect precision cut crease, the make up is almost mathematical in it's precise application. I am so impressed. It looks stunning. x

  5. Have mercy, this look is absolutely STUNNING! Amazing job, lovely! :)

    How flawless is your skin? Sheesh!

  6. This looks so beautiful!!!


  7. LOVE it! Especially the blue underneath!

  8. Love it!!!! Good decision ;)
    you are too stunning though! that is not fair lol! lots of love xox

  9. wowzers hun! this is super duper gorgeous! xx

  10. I like the darker combo, I always like a dark colour in the outside corner and the crease. flawless as always!

  11. This is truly gorgeous, I love the shape and orange and purple complement each other!

  12. Wow - this is amazing - I want to try it out xxx

  13. so prettyy <3


  14. Oh wow! I love this so much, the orange and purple look amazing. Was the Carribean Sleek palette LE? I want to try this! I already own NYX JEP in Milk, I love it! xxx

  15. that's not crazy, it's gorgeous! i like it with the darkness added

  16. The colour combos are amazingly gorgeous ! I just came across your blog, and you are a great makeup artist. I WANT YOUR SKIN, so flawless :)

  17. Thank you my lovelies!

    @Midnight Violets & Lipstick Fridays, please do recreate it, would love to see!

    @stacey - unfortunately i think the caribbean palette was LE, but you might be able to find it on ebay? Please do let me know if you try another variation!

    @dani (callitbeauty) and tinkerbelldani - it has its off days too girls! spots and all! lol

    Thanks again everyone, really appreciate the comments and reading =)


  18. woww very glamorous and professional
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  19. o my lord love it!! I just fell in love with this makeup look! Everytime i try a bright eyeshadow look it turns into a BIG heap of mess, hence why i stick to eyeliner lol x

  20. MashaAllah! WOW is all I can say xxx

  21. Beautiful! I love peach/orange and purple together, and it looks great with your eye colour. I also love the lip colour you've created :)

  22. This is really gorgeous! I love how the contrasting colors on your lid just pop against your crease color. You're so lucky to have such a nice eye shape! If I did something like this, the lid colors would totally disappear once I close my eyes haha >____<


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