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Friday 2 March 2018

Sooo Illamasqua have released a new shade of their Beyond Powder highlighters and as a fan of the OMG highlighter (read my top 5 gold highlighters blog post here), of course I was inspired to create something magical with it, being iridescent pink and all; the unicorn trend is still very much alive in 2018!

I thought I'd go for something a lot less dramatic on the eyes than my last Illamasqua look, this one is magical with pink and purple tones and I had a vision of using my blacklight for a pic (which I still have from none other than this Illamasqua event!)

The unicorn/mermaid trend isn't for everybody but I do love playing with makeup and the Beyond Powders look amazing wet or dry so I was eager to see how it would look under the blacklight idea I pictured in my head.
Read on to see all products used for this look!
left: the Daze highlighter (no flash) right: the highlighter brush you get free with my discount code!
left: with camera flash, right: under the blacklight

Main products used:
I also used a couple new products I recently got - the YSL Touche Eclat Orange Blur Primer and All-In-One Glow Foundation.
I'm not yet sure if the corrector worked or not, so will be testing it further, but the foundation pleasantly surprised me as the coverage was pretty good for a cream-to-water formula!
I first applied it with my fingers but it didn't seem to work as well as when I used the Illamasqua highlighter brush to buff it in (which btw you can get FREE with my special code below!)
The foundation shade BD50 is a pretty good match freshly applied, however I felt it did oxidise slightly more tan/orange significantly on my skin when I wore the foundation without primer or setting powder (I've tested the foundation twice so far).

I also used the La Mer powder for the first time in this look too and it seemed to be more on the whiter side than my Laura Mercier, but these are just my first impressions so feel free to message or comment to ask how I've gotten along if you'd like to know.

The Illamasqua Beyond Powders are £34 each and available in 5 shades, OMG being my absolute fave that I re-fell in love with on Black Friday and is super flattering for my complexion too πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
The discount code "SAFIYAHDAZE" will get you a free highlighter brush (worth £26!) when you buy any of the 5 Beyond Powder highlighters from the Illamasqua site here. I've actually used this brush for years for foundation more than highlighters, as it has a smaller diameter than other foundation buffing brushes I have and just helps blend around smaller areas of the face like the nose or eyes, especially if you have smaller features.

I hope you like this look and take advantage of my code while it lasts, let me know what you think of this look and if you're interested in a "best of Illamasqua" type blog post where I pick my 5 favourite products or something similar?
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  1. Love this look ...and that eyelook is stunning 😍😍definitely need to try that omg highlighter !!

  2. This look is just omg 😯 love πŸ’• it and can’t wait for hear how you get on with the orange primer and the foundation 😘

    1. thank you mimi! yess I hope to wear it more and see how I get along! keep an eye out on my stories on IG of course ;)

  3. I’d love a ‘best of’ blog post for Illamasqua! They’re not a brand you see hugely on Instagram so would be good to know what they’re known for or best at!

    1. yesssss I agree and their products are actually amazing quality <3

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