Recent MAC lippies including Reel Sexy & Hey, Sailor!

Sunday 13 May 2012

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen me swatch a couple recent MAC lippy purchases.

I've come to realise that I have a thing for coral lippies as I seem to have more of a selection of these shades than any other colour!

MAC Crosswires - Regular lipstick (no collection)
Colour & Pigmentation: My favourite lipstick of all recent purchases! It is a very wearable coral-pink with reddish tones to it and I've been carrying this around as my go-to lipstick. Pigmentation-wise I find it gives just the right amount of colour- not too much, not too little! (You can view it in this makeup look).
Texture: Being a cremesheen lipstick it's semi-sheer and has a great moisturising texture with a slight shine.
Longevity: This lipstick doesn't last as long as a matte lippy, however I tend to blot and apply again to make it last longer and it certainly does stain the lips after this.
Scent: As with all MAC lippies, this one smells lovely and vanilla-y (no taste/flavour).
Price: At £13.50 it's a bit more expensive than your regular drugstore lipstick, but MAC do offer a great range of lippies with different finishes and colours to suit anyone. Plus if like me you're addicted to the scent, it's a no brainer.

FrootiFactor: I love this lippy so much, I give it a 5!

MAC Sail La Vie - Hey, Sailor! collection
Colour & Pigmentation: An orange-red veering more towards the orange side. Compared to Illamasqua Liable it looks orange. Compared to MAC Morange it looks red-orange! Pigmentation-wise it's highly pigmented.
Texture: Sail La Vie is a Satin finish lipstick so is very creamy but I do find them slightly dry so always wear lipbalm or Vaseline underneath
Longevity: Satin finishes do last long, Sail La Vie lasted a good 3-4 hours.
Scent: Vanilla scented.
Price: £14 (50p more than the usual MAC lipsticks).

FrootiFactor: I quite like this lippy, especially for Summer so I give it a 4.5:

MAC Watch Me Simmer - Reel Sexy collection

Colour & Pigmentation: A coral-pink leaning more coral than Viva Glam Nicki that's more of a salmon pink coral; It does look very similar to Toxic Tale from the MAC Venomous Villains collection, but Watch Me Simmer is Amplified finish whereas Toxic Tale is Satin finish and I find it drier in texture (see swatches below). Pigmentation-wise, it's highly pigmented and opaque.
Texture: Watch Me Simmer has an Amplified finish, meaning it has a creamy consistency but with slight shine. As with Satin finishes, I find myself having to wear lipbalm underneath.
Longevity: Amplified lipsticks usually last fairly long; I find this shade to last around 3-5 hours.
Scent: Vanilla scented.
Price: Although part of a collection, the price remains at £13.50; I'm guessing because the packaging is the same as normal MAC lippies.

FrootiFactor: I do like this lippy more than my Toxic Tale as it's less dry, so I give it a 4:

So here are the swatches of all my similar coloured coral-ly lippies:
And with Illamasqua Liable lipstick (blog post here) in comparison to Sail La Vie:

Have you bought any of the new collection lipsticks? What are your thoughts and which would you recommend? 



  1. These all look so good, I really want to get something from the Hey Sailor collection! <3 great post. Xx

  2. I really want to get something from the Hey Sailor collection but they have soo much stuff that I don't know what to get! You've just added that lipstick to my wish list [which just keeps getting longer].

  3. great post but you just made it harder for me to choose a shade to get I want them all!

  4. Beautiful lipsticks. :)

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