MAC Wonder Woman Haul

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Yesterday I got my MAC Wonder Woman delivery, yay!
I only ordered the lipstick in Spitfire and the blush in Mighty Aphrodite as afore mentioned, so here's the pics!
The first swatch on the back of my hand is without flash and the second with.
This blusher duo is lovely, peachy with pink, and tiny flecks of gold in the peach section. As you can see from the finger swatch, the peach side is soft and very pigmented, coming off easily, somewhat powdery even! The pink side however, does not come off so easily and looks quite sheer in comparison to the peach. Both look gorgeous though, I'm particularly fond of the peach with gold flecks.

The first swatch again is without flash and the second with. Spitfire is a gorgeous satin purple-pink, it reminds me a bit of the LE Sleek Raspberry Souffle pout polish that I absolutely love. 
Here's a simple eyeliner look I did using Mighty Aphrodite blush & Spitfire Satin lipstick; excuse my skin, I've been ill and also came out with a rash the other day :S
Without flash:
With flash:

Hope this was helpful to those of you interested in buying any MAC WW collection, I'm defo happy with my purchases and I'm glad I managed to check out the products at Selfridges before hand cos I probably would have bought the eyeshadows and been quite disappointed!
Overall though, I do like the packaging, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about the packaging, but to be honest it's like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! But I'm a DC Comics fan so I'd defo buy it if it was to do with makeup!



  1. spitfire is beaaaaautiful!!!!! omg, i want that gorgeous and lush. quite a nice haul


  2. Beautiful colours! The packaging is so cute...

  3. @ vonnie - I know right?! I adore the colour (purple is my fave colour), so naturally I chose this one.. although I was tempted to buy Russian Red but I have red lipsticks so it's all good!
    Glad you liked it, make sure you post on your lovely blog if you do buy!


  4. I think the packaging is super cute!
    That blush looks wonderful.

  5. Great haul!! That lippie look gorgeous on you<3

  6. Love the lipstick and the blush, really pretty <3

  7. @ Dannii & Kenzie - i agree, love the packaging!

    @ Rakhshanda, thank you sweetie =)

    @ Christine, im defo happy with them, gorgeous colours =)

  8. To me, the packaing is so off-putting :S
    Products themselves look ok, on the other hand :D

  9. You look stunning! I adore that lipstick but it would never suit me unfortunately. x

  10. Love this collection. It's so cute.

  11. I love the lippie! so soo pretty x x


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