Midweek Makeovers

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

It's that time of the week again, where I show off my beautiful clients! This weeks Midweek Makeover post features none other than my fellow blogger and friend Numera of Hommes De Femmes!

Numera is naturally gorgeous and barely wears any makeup whenever we meet up as she clearly doesn't need it! Again, for someone who doesn't wear much makeup, she didn't want to go OTT with her makeup, but of course to have enough to make it bridal.

The first day was her traditional red outfit day and the second day featured a toned down beige with hints of bright/electric blue.

Day 1
Red outfit with light gold thread and beadwork and a blue border; eye makeup complimented the outfit's gold and red theme and of course red lips however we skipped the blue bottom liner as she didn't want too much colour:

natural lighting
having fun getting ready with tablecloths wrapped around us!
Day 2
Beige-gold with pop of electric blue and antique gold detailing; we went for a smokey antique gold look with a pop of electric blue on the waterline which I LOVED! For the lips we decided to go for a pink-nude on the lips to contrast the first day's look: 

(with flash and natural light)
Of course it was a total pleasure to do Numera's makeup on both days, she looked stunning on both days! 
My favourite look had to be Day 2's look with the antique gold smokey eyes and electric blue liner as I adore looks with bright colours! Day 1's look did have more contouring and looked lovely with the gold and red but I would have added the blue bottom liner too if I could ;)

Which is your favourite look?



  1. She looks beautiful mashAllah and as always, great work!

  2. wow very beautiful amazing work.


    I follow you on Instagram and here on your blog - let me tell you that you do THE best makeup looks!

    A request for you: PLEASE come to CANADA and do my makeup for me!

    Seriously love your work! You are VERY talented!

    - Saf

    1. Awwww you're too kind!! I'd love to come to Canada one day, let me know when ;) xx

  4. In love with the smokey look on her eyes..

  5. WOWOWOWOWOOW!! Love this!! And she is gorgeous too!


  6. all the looks are stunning! she looks wonderful and your really talented mashAllah

  7. All of these looks are flawless !


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