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Friday 25 March 2011

Seeing as I am a Pout Polish collector, I decided to add another colour to my collection, the new LE Sugar May. It's a peachy-beige colour and very creamy like all the others (minus Scandal, which is less creamier in consistency). Unfortunately it's not as sweet as the newer Pout Polishes (you'll know what I mean if you own Scandal, or the browns), but nevertheless, a lovely summery colour!
with flash it looks a lot more peachier/bright, but its a very light peach, so here's the pout polishes without flash:
L-R, top row: Perfect Plum, Pink Cadillac, Sugar May, Chocolate Kiss, 
bottom row: Raspberry Souffle, Powder Pink, Electro Peach, Scandal
And with flash:
The pictures with flash do however resemble the actual colours more than the individual shot of Sugar May taken above, as you can see its lighter! Must be my camera concentrating the colour when I zoom in or something :S

Anyway, here are the individual shots for the PP with their paper swatch next to them:
Perfect Plum: 
Pink Cadillac:
Sugar May:
Chocolate Kiss:
Raspberry Souffle:
Powder Pink:
Electro Peach:
I do love all my pout polishes, including Sugar May which doesn't actually suit my lips!

Do you have any Pout Polishes? And if so, which are your favourite?



  1. Woww...all these are lovely!! Great collection <3

  2. I've got Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Souffle & Sugar May. I love the colours, but the scent really bothers me until it dissipates!

    Great swatches - I think I need to get Powder Pink next :D

  3. aww thanks rakhshanda! I do love them <3

    @25flondon - i looove the scent! its quite sweet/coconutty, which although i hate eating/drinking coconut stuff, i dont mind the smell so much =)
    Powder Pink is definitely another fave, although Pink Cadillac is in my handbag and pocket at all times, it's the most used one!


  4. Why oh Why do i live hundreds of miles from a sleek counter? Lifes not fair!

  5. I only have pink cadillac my superdrug haven't got the avoir le peche collection yet apart from the pallette which I don't really want! Im holding out for the blush and sugar may PP though, they're lovely,

    Im sooooo jealous of your collection LOL xx

  6. Ok I am jealous!! I want that plum color!

  7. loved it :D im your new follower take a look at my blog aswell :)


  8. I have never heard of this brand but they look wonderful! Love the peach color.

  9. Raspberry Souffle looks sooo gorgeous!

  10. theyre ALL gorgeous! for those of you who don't have Sleek, maybe try online? They're amazing and nonsticky which I love =D

    Thanks for the comments, its good to see what people think of brands/my posts =)


  11. Stunning - love your collection! ALL of them...
    and your blog is quite interesting too!
    Marusya V
    p.s. I also write about beauty (and about fashion too) if you have a minute, come have a look:)


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