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Friday, 11 March 2011

And not in a bad way! Thought I'd do a post about my fragrance collection, as everyone has different tastes in perfume/fragrances, but if you have a similar taste to me in one or more of the fragrances I have, then maybe you can discover other fragrances you may like (cos there's a LOT out there!)

So here's my collection, I did have Dior Addict, Hypnotic Poison & Burberry Brit but I seem to have lost them, I think they're still at my mums!
Left to right:
Top: Victoria's Secret- Love Rocks, Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb, Jimmy Choo, Katy Perry- Purr
Middle: Christina Aguilera- By Night, Paco Rabanne- Lady Million, Vera Wang- Princess, Givenchy Ange Ou Demon
Bottom: Paco Rabanne- Black XS, Britney Spears- Midnight Fantasy

Most of my perfume is sweet/vanilla based, coz that's what I love most! The odd one or two are either fruity or musk/spicy like Paco Rabanne Black XS , or Lady Million. I've only got Jimmy Choo this week and it reminds me a lot of Flowerbomb (my number one!), especially the bottle, but the fragrance defo is more spicy.

For those of you with men in your lives or looking for nice smelling male fragrances as gifts, I'd recommend these:
L-R; Top: Dior Homme Intense, Joop Homme, Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male, Jean Paul Gaultier- Gaultier 2
Bottom: Boss Orange, Paco Rabanne- 1 Million, Diesel- Only The Brave, D&G- The One Gentleman.

Some of them are slightly sweet/warm smelling, Dior Homme Intense reminds me of sugared almonds!

Which of these do you own, if any? And do you have any recommendations for me?!

Have a lovely weekend =)



  1. How is the Katy Perry- Purr perfume? I really want it in my collection :)

  2. What a lovely collection, I have Midnight Fantasy and really want the Katy Perry one too.

  3. awwwwww i am so jealous! :D I have only 2, Vera Wang Princess and YSL Parisienne because I am allergic to most scents which I dont know why

  4. if you love vanilla and floral scents, i highly recommend HALO from Victoria Secrets Dream Angels collection!

    love ur blog follow me!

  5. @christine - the katy perry perfume is very fruity/candy smelling, I love it personally, especially when I'm feeling frooti!

    @kat - if you have midnight fantasy, i bet you'll love the katy perry one coz its also fruit/candy smelling like this britney one!

    @rinz - aww that's awful i have a friend who's allergic to everything, including fragrances too, i dunno how i'd cope! least vera wang's fine for you, its gorgeous =)

    @mishall - i'll defo keep that in mind next time i'm going on holiday, coz its the only time I can get my hands on Victoria's Secret unfortunately! =(


  6. Nice collection! Everyone is looking for Katy Perry´s fragance!


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