Ramadan Recipe: Matcha Chiller Milkshake

Wednesday 8 June 2016

As you may or may not know, Ramadan is upon us yet again and this year is yet another hard one in the UK (current fasting time of 18 hours!), the longest in 33 years in fact.

Though I rarely do foodie type posts, I felt this was related to my mummy blogs as all mums (let alone fasting mums) could do with a ~yummy~ healthy recipe that will give them an energy boost.. right?
This recipe is perfect for general Summer days too and tbh I buy myself a Matcha Chiller at EAT all year round (or matcha lattes in the winter) so it's a pretty versatile drink/ingredient.
I knew the weather would heat up when we would start fasting, so I already prepared myself this year with a strategy that I'm hoping will work, read on for my explanation!

Last year I realised I had become a caffeine addict, so I had major headaches whilst fasting; I avoided tea at suhoor (the morning meal) because I tend to find tea acts as a diuretic for me soon after which would leave me dehydrated during the day.

The thirst was real last year so I found myself wanting fluids more than solids when we broke our fast and made myself cold milkshakes; oreo, jaffa cake, cookie, you name it!
All day I'd be wanting ice cream and cold things, so it went down a treat at iftar (time of breaking fast), but I'd have my caffeine fix even later and have to bear the headache a bit longer (I can't have cold and hot things straight after eachother!).

This year I decided to get my caffeine fix in a lot earlier.. and thought why not continue my milkshake habit as it helped cool my body down after a long day of fasting.

And so I decided to break my fasts with my own version of EATs Matcha Chiller (which I've been a fan of for years).

I've tried to watch them prepare my Matcha Chillers at EAT and sort of see them put a spoon of matcha, something that looks like condensed milk, vanilla syrup and ice but figured I'd attempt my own recipe at home and this is what I used:
  • 1/2 or 1 tsp Matcha powder
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Skimmed Milk (full fat shown in pic)
  • Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream 

1: Scoop a decent amount of ice cream out into your blending jug.
2: Whisk a teaspoon of matcha with a little boiled water until well blended
3: Add this to your jug with some milk and a bit of vanilla extract
4: It should look like this in the jug!
5: Blend blend blend
6: Voila! Matcha Chiller Milkshake made

You can opt to make this even healthier by using frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream but I'll be honest after these long fasts I just want sugar in my system and need the calories to keep up with my toddler!

Here's some facts about Matcha that made me an addict when I first found out about it back in my health crazy/nutrition learning days:
  • Made from ground green tea leaves - you get the full health benefits as opposed to just the teabag which is thrown in the bin - drinking one cup can give you the equivalent nutritional value of 10 normal cups
  • Gives you longer lasting energy - caffeine in an espresso coffee (60mg) lasts for a shorter amount of time than matcha green tea caffeine (34mg).
  • Boosts metabolism - great if you're trying to lose weight
  • Can contain 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea bags- amazing for your skin and getting rid of toxins in your body
As a nutrition graduate, I've always felt strongly about fad diets and "teatoxes" (slimming teas that are basically laxatives with no nutritional value), so I have found matcha to be not only safe but tons better for you in comparison.

Try it yourself and see if your energy levels and skin change; as a coffee/tea connoisseur I genuinely think matcha is a much better substitute albeit a bit pricier; but so worth it!

I've tried TeaPigs in the past but have now discovered EatCleanTea who are slightly more affordable, so I'm giving their sample a try this month and seeing how it goes!
I'm also quite intrigued about the matcha-mint flavour they sell; I'm known for my home made mojitos so I'm thinking this matcha mix would totally make them healthier.

Have you tried matcha before? If so, how do you have yours?

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  1. I love the idea of having cold drinks/ milkshakes for Iftar! I eat oily food and feel really sick after. I have all of those ingredients apart from the matcha power!! Totally going to try it tonight (with a chocolate bar until I get the matcha) xx

  2. I've never tried matcha but this looks really appetising! In the warm months I bet this cools you down a treat - may have to try your recipe soon! Xx

  3. This matcha chiller milkshake recipe is fantastic, especially during Ramadan! It's great to see how you've incorporated a refreshing drink that's perfect for iftar or suhoor. Matcha is known for its health benefits, so this is a wonderful way to enjoy its flavors while staying hydrated during fasting. Speaking of staying healthy, I recently came across a blog discussing the best vitamins for dry skin. It was an eye-opener, as it highlighted the importance of vitamins like A, C, E, D, K, and B vitamins for skin health. Considering how important it is to take care of our skin, especially during Ramadan when we might not be getting all the nutrients we need, I found it really informative. On another note, I've been exploring beauty supply hair options for different hairstyles, and I've found some really good products. Do you have any favorite beauty supply hair items or tips for maintaining beautiful hair, especially during Ramadan? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! (read more)


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