Sunday Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance | Full Review

Sunday 26 June 2016

Hi guys!

This week's Sunday Swatch post is featuring the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which I already gave a short review/swatch over on my SnapChat (it's sooo much more faster on there than typing up, but alas only lasts 24 hours; le sigh).

If you missed my mini review, I mentioned that I really didn't feel like I needed another palette when I saw this one being released; I wasn't overly fussed about the red and pink tones, however when I looked at the shades more closely I realised that most of them were matte and also were perfect for Asian skintone/Asian Bridal makeup.
Read on to see more swatches and the full review.

top: without flash, bottom: with flash
Packaging: I quite like the soft pink velvety cover, reminds me of the original UD Naked palette, but one downside of having a velvety cover as I discovered with the Naked palette is that dust/fur collects easier on this.. and I'm hoping the light pink shade doesn't get ruined in action but I imagine it will if it's in my kit *sadface*. 
The rest of the palette is standard cardboard-type material which doesn't feel too sturdy/look too aesthetically pleasing but it serves the purpose of holding the shadows in place so does the job.
It holds 14 eyeshadows as opposed to the 12 in the ABH World Traveler palette and the pans are bigger in comparison too (see picture below for comparison side to side). 

Colour & Pigmentation: The palette's colours as mentioned before are mostly matte with around 3-4 shadows with slight to full on shimmer. It is definitely highly pigmented but more powdery in texture than buttery like with other brands, so has more fall out from the brush. 
I love that it's consistent in its pigmentation; some other brands have great colour pay off for shimmer shadows only and lack the same pigmentation for the mattes or vice versa but this palette is consistently pigmented from matte to shimmer.

I literally can't fault any of the shadows or compare any within the palette on pigmentation as I usually do in my reviews so instead I will share my favourites from the palette:
Primavera is a golden shimmer shade perfect for highlighting; Vermeer is also a gorgeous cooler toned highlight shade. I love love love Realgar for its orangeness, great for a crease shade and Golden Ochre is the perfect transition shade for my skintone to blend with (as you can see in the swatches pic above, it practically disappears on my skin). Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange would also be great transition shades for darker skintones. So basically the whole palette is amazing (obvs).

Price: Priced at £41, I'll be honest I wasn't keen on that. I didn't realise the pans were bigger than the ABH World Traveler palette and also didn't realise that there were two more shadows, so at that point I figured if I find a discount code for Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty, then I'll buy the palette otherwise I wont.
I obviously did (15% off Cult Beauty below) AND Cult Beauty were offering free shipping on ABH at the time so I took it as a sign and made it mine lol.

With the discount, each shadow works out to be around £2.48 each which is obviously amazing for a high quality product.

Overall rating: I definitely give this palette a top rating of 5 but just wish the packaging was more sturdier/of better quality so I'll give it a 4.5:

Get your 15% off HERE with the discount code "YOU15".

As far as I know, the 15% applies to any product and I couldn't find an expiry date so I'd take advantage of this offer on anything you want from Cult Beauty whilst the offer is still on!
All you have to do is fill in a couple questions on one page about your skin type, concerns, skin tone etc and then voila! the code works! Not bad for £6 off this palette ;)      

Alternatively, you can buy the palette from Net-A-Porter below:
Have you got this palette? Let me know what shadows you would like me to use in a make up look and I'll try to get it done!
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  1. Hi Saniya!

    Personally, I reach to my ABH Modern Renaissance way more than my Huda one; the Huda one does have more shades but do have a read of my review here:

    Basically, if you live in a hot country, the textured shadows may melt into your skin better, however if you don't, they can be quite flaky which I'm not a fan of.

    I do think the Modern Renaissance is better, especially as the shade Golden Ochre is a perfect "skin colour" shade that will help you blend better.

    I hope this helps! <3

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