Sunday Swatches: Benefit Brow Collection 2016

Sunday 19 June 2016

Hi my loves!
Soooo.. this week has been a pretty good week for post and now I have a box full of "to blog about" products that I'm testing out right now.
This post however, is a swatch and review post of four of the new Benefit Brow products that they've kept under wraps for a while and that I already got to try a couple weeks ago at the launch...
I was kindly invited to the Good Ship Benefit on the Thames near the London Eye a couple weeks ago and though it was dreary outside, it was magical inside that pink ship! I wish I could have stayed there longer but I had to head back for my little one of course so I hope I can make another trip there sometime soon as they have events on regularly.
At the launch we were introduced to the whole range of "magic" brow products and each of us followed a live demo of the products on ourselves using all of the 9 products from the range:

1. BrowVo! Conditioning Primer
2. Goof Proof Brow Pencil
3. Precisely, My Brow Pencil
4. Brow Zings
5. Ka-Brow!
6. Gimme Brow
7. 3D Brow Tones
8. Ready-Set-Brow!
9. High Brow & High Brow Glow

The whole range boasts 36 products, yes thirty-six products all just for brows! This is because some of the products (like the brow pencils) have a range of up to 6 shades.
By the end of the demo I couldn't believe I had 9 products on my brow (I did the demo on one brow); I had to go and fix the other brow as I thought it had looked fine when I left my home but clearly not as good as it did with 9 products on it.
My favourites from this collection were definitely the Precisely, My Brow Pencil, the Ka-Brow! and Gimme Brow so I was delighted to see Benefit send me two of my 3 favourites (above pic).
So here's a bit more in-depth info about the 4 products I received:

BrowVo! Conditioning Primer

First up is this primer.. Benefit suggest using this to start off your brows but I feel like it makes my brows a bit too stiff to work with. It has the additional benefits of keratin and soy proteins which are supposed to make brows look fuller and healthier so I personally would wear this at night to help aid regrowth if you're trying to grow your brows out.
The BrowVo! is £21.50 and will be available on the Benefit website and other retailers (like John Lewis, below) on Friday 24th June.

I'd give this product a 2.5 out of 5.. if it actually helps my brows grow I will boost this score to a 5!

Gimme Brow

Gimme Brow was already available but has been repackaged in the silver wand-like magical packaging to match the rest of the new brow collection and two more shades have been added: 1, 3, 5; I have shade 3 (check swatches below).

Gimme brow is basically a kind of brow mascara that helps brows look thicker, volumised (because of the microfibres in the gel) and also tames them at the same time.
I like that it's also water-resistant and the wand is so tiny and tapered so that it can coat even thin brows.
I give this product a 4.5 because I actually feel like it's helped the front of my brows look fuller and I've been desperately trying to grow them out! For £18.50 I just wish it was a bit larger in size.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil (£18.50) is actually a good addition to the collection despite the Precisely, My Brow Pencil in the collection too. 
It's available in 6 shades and I have shade 4 (see swatches below).
Whilst the Precisely, My Brow Pencil was my first favourite, I think this pencil is growing on me as it actually fills the middle of my brows so much more faster than a fine brow pencil or even gel brow product.
I like that the consistency is creamy and glides on and is apparently also waterproof (even though it feels too creamy to be waterproof).
I also like that it has a spoolie on the end (so necessary), and also that you don't have to sharpen it (cos ain't nobody got time for that).
So despite my initial complacency on this brow pencil, I've grown to like it as it cuts down brow time majorly which all mums need tbh, so I'm giving it a 5:


Finally, the Ka-Brow!; basically another type of dipbrow pomade which is also waterproof and of course buildable.
The Ka-Brow! is £18.50 and also available in 6 shades, which I have shade 4 of again.
I like that it has an angled brush included in the lid, much like the gel eyeliner from Rimmel, but the fact that this brush is angled is perfect for brows.
If you remember my blog post on what I like to use for eyeliners, you'll know I've not been able to let go of my Urban Decay Ink For Eyes freebie angled brush as it's the thinnest I've got; well this is similar to it in thickness, I just wish the handle extended somehow so that I could grip the brush a bit better.
I give this product a 4.5:

swatches; top: without flash, bottom: with flash
before and after using all products minus BrowVo! (with flash)
The whole Brow Collection can look overwhelming, so I would suggest visiting a Benefit counter to get acquainted with the products like I did at the event; it's the only way you'll learn how to work magic on your brows!

What are your favourite brow products and which of these products calls out to you??


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  1. I think I'd probably go for the Goof Brow Pencil? The choice is overwhelming!

    1. yesss that or the Ka-brow I think you'd like.. and I love that they have so many shades! Defo go check them out at a counter <3


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