Sunday Swatches: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

Sunday 4 December 2016

Hi my lovelies!

So this week's Sunday Swatches post (as the title suggests) features the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette which you may have already seen me use in my Soft Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial or of course featured in the Rose Gold Gift Guide, but here's the palette in it's full glory, complete with my review, so read on for more!
I love, love, love the packaging for this palette! It's such a mesmerising illusion type design and attractive rose gold in colour, that even if you have a million neutral palettes, the packaging makes you want to reach for this which is pretty unique.
The colours in this palette are all matte except for Blow, which has a slight shimmer.
They are all wearable nudes and very on trend with the coppery/burnt orange brown tones as well as the mauvey/purple tones.

I find that this palette is of medium to high pigmentation but not as consistent or buttery/thick as shadows from palettes like the Naked 3 palette.
Some of the shadows in this palette take more of a dig/rubbing of the finger to get colour out of; something that customers used to do when I worked for Urban Decay over 3 years ago that would give me a panic back then, as the shadows only needed one swipe. 
Anyway, they're still mostly pigmented, but here's a list of shadows with the best and least payoff; the rest were dry/workable.

Shadows with best payoff: 
Blow, Commando, Extra Bitter, Lockout
Shadows with least payoff: 
Nudie, Instinct, Pre-Game, Magnet, Blackjack 

Priced at £38.50 for 12 eyeshadows, each shadow works out to be £3.20; the same price as the longer shaped Naked palettes (see my guide to Naked Palettes here).

Overall rating: 
I really really like this palette and find myself actually wanting to wear eyeshadow again on a daily basis as I want to use this palette rather than it just sitting there looking pretty and unused.
The shades are very wearable for many (if not all) skintones. I would have preferred the shadows to be less dry and more thicker/buttery as Urban Decay have always been a winner for me in this arena, but I still find myself drawn to this palette regardless. 

I give this palette a rating of 4.5 out of 5; for the price it is, I had hoped all the shadows would be consistently pigmented as any of the previous Naked palettes, but there are enough pigmented shadows in this one to keep it in my reachable stash of palettes.

I predict this palette will be on a lot of gift wishlists this year and rightly so as it's definitely a palette that is mesmerising and pleasing to the eye.

Available at John Lewis and House Of Fraser.

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Do you have this palette? What do you think about it?
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