Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Since Sleek have relaunched their improved True Colour lipsticks, I decided to try them out. What I really wanted is to see if I love them as much as the Pout Polishes, but at first glance in Superdrug, I wasn't too impressed. On my second visit to the counter, I realised there were matte and sheen versions of the same colour, which was quite cute. There are 16 shades in total, making it 8 pairs of matte/sheen colours.
They definitely are highly pigmented, quite crayonish in my opinion, but they don't look too bad on the lips and are enriched with Vitamin E, which keeps the lips soft.
I decided to give two of the sheen colours a go (Coral Reef & Candy Cane), a summery coral and pink.

The outer packaging is pretty budget (for £3.99 it's expected!!), but the actual lipstick packaging is pretty sleek, soft-touch with the "Sleek true colour" mark on the lid.
Both look quite bright and almost fluorescent under the bright camera flash, so I've put two pics of each lipstick on my lips, to give you a better idea!
First up, Coral Reef:
Bright flash:
 Less flash:
And Candy Cane:
Bright flash:
 less flash:
I do prefer the pink (Candy Cane) more so than the coral, probably because it reminds me of my Pink Cadillac Pout Polish (which I topped up and rebought on Saturday, cos it's used so much!).
I may just buy two more, especially as they are currently on offer 2 for £5.99 at Superdrug!
Which do you prefer? Have you bought any of Sleek's True Colour lipsticks?



  1. Yup I have Sleek candy cane its so gorgeous on!! Also try Amped and mystic if you love matte textures!! I adore that a lip liner isn't needed with this line!!

  2. they are lovely I have 2 sheens - babydoll & fuchsia both I love but I now want candy cane too LOL xx

  3. i agree candy cane looks prettier on you! :)

  4. aw cute colors they look so feminine and hot! :D please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment <3


  5. they really are gorgeous!

    @lolacoco1 - I defo wanna try Mystic and Amped, but especially Mystic coz I loveee purple! I'll be sure to try them when there's next an offer as the 2 for £6 offer is no more =(



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