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Sunday, 29 May 2011

These are the new lip glosses from Urban Decay that are more like lip balm consistency; non sticky with a hint of a tint and with the following ingredients, they're certainly conditioning for the lips!
> Apricot kernel seed oil, Millet seed oil, Jojoba - a "lip healing trifecta, to moisturise, replenish & promote cell turnover". 
Individually - 
> Apricot kernel seed oil -  boosts collagen production and rebuilds skin from within.
> Millet seed oil contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) and proteins, so if you happen to consume this whilst on your lips, does it count towards your EFAs?? lol I doubt it ;)
> Jojoba oil - mimics skin's sebum to replenish skin's moisture and soften skin.
> Vitamin C - anti-aging antioxidant.
The blurb: 
"If you’re looking for a product that will make your lips kissably soft while also feeling and tasting great, trust us when we say that this stuff is a whole lot of “ahhhhhhhhh yeah” in a tube. The smooooooooth feel and enticing honey flavor will inspire addiction in both you and your makeout partner, but that’s okay -- it’s good for you, so feel free to apply it liberally and often. Its healing powers come courtesy of a few ingredients that are rejuvenating heavy hitters. Antioxidant Vitamin C boosts collagen and evens out skin tone. Millet, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Seed Oils work together as a powerful lip-healing trifecta to moisturize, replenish and promote cell turnover. Our squeeze tube features a soft, wide-angled tip that applies color smoothly!"
Available in 5 colours, I got 2: Failbait (coral-tangerine) and Lolita (bright pink). 
 The cute embossed "UD" logo on the lids
This lipgloss does taste nice, not as sweet as the Lip Junkies but still sweet. My only qualm is the honey smell.. it's quite offputting for me and when smelled by the hubby (who absolutely detests honey of all forms!), it made me rethink whether I'd be using it that frequently. It smells like the lickable body powder in Honey that was released last year and it coincidentally also wasn't my favourite.
A lot of people do know and like(?) the smell of honey, so if you're a fan of the smell then I guess you'd also like the fact that it's non sticky.

Looks-wise it reminds me of Lancome's Juicy Tubes, but the texture is far from sticky; it's very very smooth, but not greasy. The tip is soft, moulded TPE which makes it easy to apply.. directly or on the finger =)
 And swatches:
They only give the slightest hint of colour as stated on the packaging, but for pigmented lips like mine, it only really comes out clear! Unless I wear it on top of a lipstick/stain/tint, the colour doesn't show up.

The release date of these lipglosses are 15th June, but are already on a few counters.. will you be getting any? And if so, which colours?



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