Newly packaged Primer Potion

Sunday 29 May 2011

The most famous primer in the beauty industry (UDPP), popular with makeup artists and makeup junkies because it guarantees more vibrant eyeshadow that lasts for 24+ hours and never creases
Available now in 4 colours: 
> Original formula dries down invisibly, 
> Eden - a concealer type colour, suitable more for pale skin
> Sin - champagne-gold shimmer
> Greed - yellow gold shimmer 

Both Sin & Greed especially can be used as shadows or highlighters, which I have done to date with Sin PP as an everyday look.

Now the PP comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube and needle-nose tip so you can control how much you apply and not to mention is more hygienic for using on clients if you're a makeup artist like me!
Priced at £14.50 instead of £12, it is more expensive but you get more primer in every tube – 11 ml instead of the original 10, but because you can squeeze every last bit out, you get the full 11ml rather than having to cut the packaging and depot.. usually ending up with dried out primer =(
Height-wise, they look pretty much the same, so still compact enough to fit in your kit or makeup bag =)
I bought Greed (golden yellow) PP and use it as a base for makeup looks or especially by itself with a bit of eyeliner.
 And swatches; without flash:
 with flash:
 spread a little:
 blended without flash:
 blended with flash:
I personally wouldn't recommend this primer for paler skin tones, as it can look quite yellow, but would be perfect for tanned to dark skin tones. 
Here are my personal recommendations for skin tones:
Original PP - all skin tones (as it dries clear/not visible)
Sin PP: pale to tanned skin tones and some darker skin tones
Greed PP: tanned to dark skin tones
Eden PP: pale skin tones only

I do want to buy the Original PP once I run out of my current one(s) as I see this lasting me tons longer! You only need to use the tiniest amount as you can see, I put a bit too much and had loads left over once blended in!

This is what I was most excited about out of all the new releases and it hasn't failed to deliver. The official release date is 15th June, will you be buying any of these? And if so which colours?


  1. I have to agree that the Eden PP is for pale skins, it's pale even on me! (Though it's also a bit yellow... but that's easily covered with my eyeshadows and concealer.)

    I couldn't see it working on a darker skin tone though, *maybe* if you used it as a brightening base under concealer but you'd have to be pretty special to pull it off lol.

    BTW Thank you so much for putting me on to that, it's so good I forgot to put concealer on (if it were less yellow I wouldn't need to at all) and I'm convinced it works better than original; when it dries there's less slip and more grab, and I really put it through its paces the other night and my eyes were pristine at 5am. I Took pictures, it was insane how well it worked.

  2. @hell thirteen, yeah Eden PP is probably not the best for darker skin tones.. even I'm scared to wear it tbh!
    And aww no worries hun, my pleasure! I love sharing stuff with other passionate beauty bloggers, it's great to try new stuff too before you buy!


  3. I personally prefer the original one and at the moment I've got a sample size of the Eden one. I can't wait to try out these new countainers when mine runs out !!

    xxx Vee


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