Meltdown Makeup Remover

Sunday, 29 May 2011

So this is the new makeup remover from UD, after the original gel-based makeup remover "Clean and Sober", which was oil free but not that great in all honesty, especially in taking off the 24/7 eyeliners or eyeshadow with the Primer Potion!
This new creamy makeup remover however, does the job the old one didn't; especially formulated to take off UD's longest lasting products.


The formula is creamy but not greasy, reminding me of Clinique's Comforting Cream Cleanser, except this contains:
> Sea Fan Extract to combat inflammation, whilst 
> Beta Carotene (a source of Vitamin A) and 
> "Gatuline In-Tense (harvested from the South African Rain Forest Peekabo Plant)" revitalizes collagen production. 
> Cranberry and Raspberry Seed Oils, along with 
> Kukui Nut and Oat Oil, moisturize and replenish.
 And blended/spread over the hand:
I'd suggest letting the remover sit for a while on the makeup if possible, so that it has time to dissolve the makeup, especially on 24/7 eyeliners, waterproof mascara etc.
The 2.5 oz. squeeze tube is easy to use, it has a needle-nose tip so you can use as much or as little as you like; but you only really need a small amount so I see this lasting quite a while.
Again, as a person who is very much into smells, this product reminds me strongly of Vicks First Defence nasal spray; a medicated smell, which isn't the best association to be honest!
But it definitely does the job a lot better than the Clean & Sober makeup remover.

I usually tend to buy oily makeup removers like Clinique's Take The Day Off makeup remover or L'Oreal eye makeup remover, but this one would be a good alternative if i were to choose a non-oily one instead.



  1. definitely a must since i always wear waterproof makeup

  2. I know right? Just lasts that bit longer with waterproof makeup, so having a great remover for the end of the day is a must! x

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