Fragrant Fridays: Eid Gift Guide - Luxury Fragrances - Ouds

Friday, 8 June 2018

For the longest time I've been meaning to write some fragrance related posts because back in my retail days I did do a couple fragrance jobs which involved some training and I think that it would be valuable information for people to know!
Fragrances are very personal and in all honesty it's always best to sample a fragrance rather than read reviews online (there's something inexplicable about how a scent can take us to a special memory or place), but if you know what kind of fragrance notes or scents you usually like, then these posts should hopefully help.

I'm going to start the "Fragrant Fridays" series with this Oud Eid gift guide which has super luxury fragrances in it for someone very very special.
This could be a parent, a partner or a super close friend or family member that you really appreciate, (which is who some of these fragrances will be going to this Eid). 
Sometimes the average gift isn't enough for someone who's helped you during difficult times and this is where a luxury gift like Oud (that no one else will get) will say it all for you.

Ramadan 2018 - The Body Shop Get Ready For Eid Collection

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

I can't believe we're already in the last 10 days of Ramadan, it literally just felt like yesterday that we started fasting?!

This year The Body Shop have released this "Get Ready For Eid" 10 day beauty calendar instead of the 30 day one last year (check the blog post here!) and as much as I absolutely adored the packaging of last years one, this year's actual products are better.

Read on to see what's included!

Saturday Skincare: Ramadan 2018 Skincare - Clinique Moisture Surge

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Ramadan is once again here and this year I was ever so kindly sent the most thoughtful PR package I've probably ever received from none other than Clinique.

If you guys remember my "Thirsty Skin" blog post last year in Ramadan, you'd remember me writing about a host of ideas for dehydrated skin, which is very common for those of us fasting as we are of course not eating or drinking water for up to 18 hours+ here in the UK.

This year, Clinique sent out care packages of their Moisture Surge skincare range to a couple Muslim bloggers and I was pretty touched, as even to this day, many brands and non-Muslims in general still don't know that we don't drink water in daylight hours!

Most brands have at least one product or skincare ranges for dry/dehydrated skin (as you probably saw in my blog post last year), but the fact Clinique were so thoughtful about sending their hydrating range this year to Muslim bloggers, it really spurred me on to write this post and of course explain the MS range which I was familiar with but didn't realise included this many products.

It's only been about a week and a half of trying these but read on to check out the Moisture Surge products sent and what I think so far!

Spend & Save: Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Makeup Look Tutorial High End vs Low End

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Sooo, unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that there was the most epic British Royal Wedding here in the UK and I didn't think I could get this emotionally invested in it but I totally was.

In the run up to the wedding I watched a few documentaries about the Royal Wives of Windsor and found myself soo interested in it and the fact that so many rules will be broken if Harry were to wed Meghan.. literally so many and I am here for it!

Anyway, the wedding was absolutely magical and of course we all wanted to see what Meghan would wear but for me I just wanted to see her makeup although I knew it would be on the more natural side to a typical Asian bride 😅

When the veil was lifted she looked absolutely stunning and radiant and as the rest of the wedding carried on, I was trying to see what was going on on her eyes as her face looked like she barely had even any foundation on!
From what I could see it looked like a matte smokey brown eye but not in the slightest bit heavy.

After the wedding ended I saw a lot of mixed responses about her makeup but I thought I'd challenge myself to attempt this look as I'm so used to using as many products as I can for a makeup look these days, it was refreshing that the look was so minimalistic on her.

Obvs I'm not blessed with beautiful skin like hers, so I did end up using a little more than I would have on someone with perfect skin/no circles, but read on to see the full list of products and a filmed tutorial!

Tuesday Takeover: Amina - Aliandher

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Hi my lovelies!!

Today I have another takeover from one of my fave up north blogger babes - Amina.
She's ever so kindly swatched and reviewed a few Revolution Pro lipsticks I was sent, which are of course one of the Revolution Beauty brands (click here to watch my tutorial and thoughts on Makeup Revolution!).

Amina is a fellow mummy beauty blogger, I absolutely love her honest reviews, be sure to check her out on IG and Twitter too; read on for her thoughts on the Lipstick Collection <3

Midweek Makeup: Nip and Fab Makeup SS18 with MakeupByMario

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Life as a blogger these days can be pretty amazing. Everyday I wake up and after the nursery run, I check my emails which is actually my favourite thing to do as you never know what could land in your inbox; info on new products, events, sponsored posts, offers etc, to name a few.

When I received an email for an event with Nip + Fab x Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian's makeup artist/artist to the stars "makeupbymario") I felt a familiar buzz of excitement in my stomach knowing full well this would be an exclusive event I had to attend.

Mario's makeup literally sets trends in the makeup world; he recently released a palette with Kim Kardashian's makeup line KKW and did a blue eyeshadow look on Kim which sparked a whole load of blue eyed looks on social media/the internet, so to say he's an iconic makeup artist is an understatement.

I've been lucky enough now to see Mario twice through blogging events, the first one being with L'Oreal (in this blog post) and now with Nip + Fab for their first year makeup anniversary/birthday, where we saw a demonstration by Mario using the new SS18 products.

Read on to see how he used the products and of course my take on it too!
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