Foundation Files: Making Your Foundation Yellow - An Affordable Solution!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Here's something that may put an end to all my foundation posts (jk!).

I've been researching various ways on how we brown girls (with strong yellow tones) can adjust our foundations to match better, but each method I've read about has their cons (explained in this post), so for the longest time I've been wanting to work with a brand to create an affordable yellow foundation adjuster.

As an Asian girl I've always struggled to find the right yellow undertoned foundation, even when they say they're "golden", they still sometimes have a bit too neutral/pink tones running in them, making me look a bit ashy (who else can relate?!)

I've never understood why the current shade adjusters by the likes of The Body Shop, Nip+Fab, NYX, Makeup Revolution only really have white and brown; NYX have an "olive" shade, but that was still quite brown for my skintone so I had to give it away.

If I find the correct undertoned foundation but it's slightly too dark (for example Fenty 290), I can successfully use a "white" adjuster/mixer to help it look less dark, but sometimes risk looking ashy, so prefer the off white mixers like from The Body Shop.

The brown mixers however, make a foundation that's too light for me very muddy looking and cool toned most of the time and also tends to alter the undertone completely.

Enter: the ELF yellow undertone adjuster - the possible solution to all our warm toned problems!

I've been testing this bad boy out with a neutral toned foundation I have and have been uber excited to blog about it since I've been wanting this very product for us yellow toned girls and there doesn't seem to be any reviews on it yet as it's super new.. so here goes!

Sunday Swatches: L'Oreal Paris Les Chocolats Liquid Lipsticks

Sunday, 8 July 2018

So apparently yesterday was World Chocolate Day but today is my Sunday Swatches day so I decided to post this Chocolate swatches related blog post today obvs!

Ever since I saw the preview of these Les Chocolats liquid lipsticks on L'Oreal's instagram (here), I knew I had to find out when they would be releasing here in the UK and thankfully was invited to the launch event at none other than Saint Aymes (which has been on my "to-hit up" list for a while now!).

It was a lovely intimate event with tons of chocolate and despite the heatwave we're having, the chocolates didn't actually melt (just like L'Oreal say their lipsticks don't) and I managed to enjoy an iced version of their unicorn latte which wasn't too sweet and perfect.

Anyway the actual lipsticks smell absolutely divine - especially if you're a chocoholic like me! I was blown away at how strong it smelled of chocolate that I actually expected it to taste like it if I licked my lips but alas, the chocolateyness stops there. 

FYI I have however (unintentionally) tasted chocolate when applying Too Faced Chocolate Soleil as it contains real cocoa powder.. some of the powder somehow flew into my mouth once when applying with a brush and I was pleasantly surprised lol.

The lipsticks have a great selection of "chocolatey" nudes which personally I think is great for WOC/those with pigmented lips, however some are a bit light which would be better suited to fairer skintones/lip tones.

I've had ample time testing these out since the event and even filmed a swatch video so read on to see what I think and to check out the video!

Tuesday Takeover: Sabah - MarbleRoseBlogs

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Soo, this week's Tuesday Takeover is by a lovely follower of mine - Sabah of Marble Rose Blogs - who is of similar complexion to myself but just a tad bit fairer (NARS Punjab/Custard).
She's ever so kindly written an in depth review of the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Correct correctors, complete with swatches and face pics!

Read on to see what she thinks <3

Tuesday Takeover: Samina - Pretty Little Statement

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

This week I have another Tuesday Takeover reviewing the new Clinique Beyond Perfecting Concealer and this time it's by the lovely Samina Arshad of Pretty Little Statement who I found on Instagram. 
Samina used to work for Clinique so I thought she'd be perfect to review this with her background knowledge of the brand too, read on to see what she thinks!

Eid Gift Guide - Small Businesses

Monday, 18 June 2018

Soo, I started planning and writing this post during Ramadan but between exhaustion of fasting, salah etc, being a single mum anddd posting regularly enough on instagram etc. this post got delayed.

But it's better late than never and these gifts can also be bought for occasions like birthdays etc, so here's my Eid Gift Guide - Small Businesses edition.
Alhamdulillah this year and last I've reached a point in the blogging world where I'm able to comfortably request samples for gift guides/blog posts etc, so it really does help with content I have in mind like the last Oud post

This year particularly, brands are understanding that there's a huge market around Ramadan/Eid and personally I am glad that they recognise this; maybe in the future there can be more Eid related/designed products like The Body Shop currently do (see the Ramadan calendars here and here).
More often than not though, we forget that small businesses have also catered to our needs for Eid/special occasions and I like to include them on my blog to help support them if I can, as it's amazing that they've had the initiative to create what they have.

Last year I focused on this Stationary post from small and established businesses, this year I put a little request out on my Instagram to see what was out there and was impressed with the brands in this post, so read on to see what I came across!

Fragrant Fridays: Eid Gift Guide - Luxury Fragrances - Ouds

Friday, 8 June 2018

For the longest time I've been meaning to write some fragrance related posts because back in my retail days I did do a couple fragrance jobs which involved some training and I think that it would be valuable information for people to know!
Fragrances are very personal and in all honesty it's always best to sample a fragrance rather than read reviews online (there's something inexplicable about how a scent can take us to a special memory or place), but if you know what kind of fragrance notes or scents you usually like, then these posts should hopefully help.

I'm going to start the "Fragrant Fridays" series with this Oud Eid gift guide which has super luxury fragrances in it for someone very very special.
This could be a parent, a partner or a super close friend or family member that you really appreciate, (which is who some of these fragrances will be going to this Eid). 
Sometimes the average gift isn't enough for someone who's helped you during difficult times and this is where a luxury gift like Oud (that no one else will get) will say it all for you.
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