L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream Review

Thursday 3 May 2012

After posting a picture of this BB cream on instagram (username: frootibeauty, follow me!), I was instantly prompted to review the product.
As you may or may not know, BB (blemish balm) creams have been exploding all over the market of late due to the hype brought over from Korea.
Unfortunately it's now hard to keep track of what a "real" BB cream is, but the general consensus is that it is similar to a tinted moisturiser (but can also be a primer) with sunblock and anti-inflammatory/anti-aging ingredients.

A lot of BB creams now on the market don't even have SPF which is one of the main selling points of BB creams, so I'd stay away from them!

Admittedly, this BB cream was bought despite its low SPF (12) because I fall for gimmicky things. This products' "gimmick" is that it uses smart pigments that are released when blended- changing colour to match your skin tone:
1. L'oreal Nude Magique freshly applied (with lipstick stain from a swatch underneath)
2. Slightly blended
3. Fully blended in
Packaging: I like the fact it has a nozzle otherwise you'd get way too much product out due to the texture of the cream.
Colour: White with "smart pigment capsules". Comes in two shades: Fair & Medium skin tone (I bought Medium). Leans towards a more peachy-tone than yellow or orange tone.
Texture: Very fluid based/runny, but feels a lot like a scrub with microgranules when applying. Blends to a smooth dewy finish.
Scent: No real scent
Coverage: This BB cream gives a very light coverage, enough to cover my freckles but not enough to hide the swatch stain properly (see pictures above). I use it by itself daily but you can build up coverage by wearing your regular foundation over it.
Price: For £9.99 it's neither expensive nor cheap but just the right price for an everyday BB cream in my opinion!

FrootiFactor: I'd give this BB Cream a 4 as I'd prefer it to be more yellow toned and also have a higher SPF. Other than that, it gives enough coverage for day to day wear and hydrates for up to 24 hours, so should be good for combination/dry skin.

Have you tried this BB cream? Which BB cream would you recommend most?


  1. Great review Hun, I've been on a hunt for a good BB cream. This may be it :)


  2. I really want to try this! I bought the Garnier BB Cream in light, but I really don't like the texture and it often looks shiny and too dark on my skin later in the day!

    1. I would recommend powdering down with some bb creams as they contain SPF which can make your skin shiny.. try that but otherwise you could try this BB cream!


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