Review: Karamel & Brown Glow Creme [w/b 17th Sept]

Friday, 21 September 2012

So Product 2 of the TFWOC series is by Karamel & Brown.
I was sent a Glow Crème and a lovely velvety tanning mitt.

This product is described as an intensely moisturising creme with natural ingredients and anti-oxidants to create a long lasting glow that fades evenly.
what the product looks like straight from the bottle
The packaging also says that the Glow Creme has an "instant bronzer guide colour" which I thought meant that it would be brown.. this product is a green colour and pretty much absorbs straight into the skin so you can't actually see where it's been applied!
I applied it to my left arm with the mitt, but got no colour whatsoever so I applied it again and still no colour difference appeared, if anything my non tanned arm looked darker!
I finally applied it again with my bare right hand (as usually products with tanning DHA in it show up on the hands as an orange-y colour) and this is what the end result was:
top arm: with Karamel & Brown Glow Creme, bottom: no Glow Creme
left hand: no Glow Creme, right hand: applied Glow Creme directly to arm

As you can see, there's barely any colour difference at all! These pictures were taken at least 4 hours after applying the product which should be enough time for the product to develop, but there's pretty much little to no colour.

Packaging: The packaging is quite basic but I like the logo and font on the bottle.
Finish: Moisturising cream.
Texture: The product is a cream texture and sinks in to the skin pretty well.
Key Ingredients/Facts: Karamel & Brown products have no parabens or alcohol and use organic Aloe Vera, vitamin rich moisturisers and "premium active ingredients". It does actually contain DHA (the active tanning ingredient) but it must be in the tiniest amount.
Application: After the usual routine of exfoliating, shaving and moisturising before applying a tanning product, the K&B Glow Creme can be applied evenly and massaged in well, using sparingly on dry areas like elbows and knees. 
Smell: When first applied it smells of coconut which I love! After a while you can smell the distinct warm "biscuit-y" smell that all tanning products have.
Who this would be perfect for: I'm not too sure who I think this product would be perfect for; at best I'd describe it as a coconut-tan smelling cream/lotion but there's barely any visible difference in colour between the two arms (or hands) above which isn't enough for me. I do think that it's very nice and moisturising and does feel lovely on the skin, however I personally am not too keen on smelling of the warm tan smell and could find other creams without the smell!

FrootiFactor: For a product free of parabens and alcohol it smells quite lovely on first application, however I'm quite surprised at the minimal effect this product had on my colour.. I didn't feel it gave my skin a "glow", I felt it just intensely moisturised it with a tan smell. For this reason, I give it only 2 FrootiFactors as I don't think this product is best suited to me personally.
The Glow Creme can be bought in both 50ml (£6.95) and 200ml full size for £16.95 from the Karamel & Brown website.
I've now received all the brands products in this TFWOC project including Vita Liberata, Make Believe and Xen-Tan, so look out for these reviews too!
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What do you look for in tanning products? Would you consider tanning if you have a fair amount of colour yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!



  1. Great review! I tried GOSH this week instead of Karamel & Brown. It's a shame that it didn't do anything. From the pictures it looks like it's had no affect at all and for the price of the full sized product, that's not good! xo

    1. I agree! I saw your GOSH review and glad you got some results from it in comparison! x

  2. Honest review. Shame it did nothing but just give a moisturising sheen to it. I loved the coconut smell, until it faded lol xo

    1. lol same! I do love the smell of coconuts, so that was a definite plus point =D x

  3. Even though i don't use tanning products and things like them, I like your honesty on the product and how you have pictures to show how the product really is. x

  4. great review!
    Too bad it didn't do what the product promises :S

  5. Hello Safiya,

    We are really sorry that you did not gain the desired result. We sent a complimentary Glow Mitt to all of the #TFWOC participants; however, we should have been more specific in regards to the application of the Glow Creme. When applying our Glow Creme, we state that you use gloves to protect your hands, not a Glow Mitt. Due to the use of our Glow Mitt in the application process; we assume the Mitt absorbed the majority of the product and thus hindered you’re desired outcome.
    When the Glow Creme is applied correctly, a moisturising glow is achievable; however, we do also state that if you wish to intensify your glow, we ask that you repeat the application process until achieve your desired glow.

    We would appreciate if you could repeat your review; using the correct application methods, to really give your viewers a more honest overview of our Glow Creme.

    Would this be possible Safiya?

    Thank you,

    Karamel and Brown


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