Photoshoot Pics.. Part 3

Thursday 5 April 2012

So the last instalment of recent photoshoot pics involves two shoots; first one was for a talented singer/songwriter Champagne Monroe aka Nicollette.
She wanted a 50s/pin-up theme for her shoot which I've wanted to shoot for a long time now, so it was great to finally do it.

I got involved in the styling and posing (I really should model LOL) and we took some fantastic pics, I especially love the first one:
The second shoot I did was based in Deptford in a place called the Big Red which basically is a restaurant in a double decker bus.. amazing!
The shoot was inspired by the House of Hannigan's Union Jack Dress.. so all very British!
There was only one makeup look for this shoot and I didn't get involved with the posing as the model (EJ) was pretty much doing her own thing, plus it was the onset of getting ill.. boo!
There was also a whole team of lovely ladies from a cake maker/decorator to an events planner and we were all excited.
Here are some of my favourites from this shoot, there were tons more pics but these were the best in my opinion:

I loved shooting both the shoots as I'm trying to expand my portfolio to more than just asian/party/bridal makeup.. even though I love the "pretty" makeup more lol!

What do you think of these pictures? Which shoot did you like better?


  1. More photos, please!! I ♥ them!

  2. I love 1st and 4th!!! Great job! Have a nice day! Xoxo V.V.

  3. Check Out the 'Union Jack Dress Project' on our website - - :-D Xx


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