Sedona Lace 120 Palette review

Sunday, 24 June 2012

A couple weeks back I received a lovely package from Sedona Lace with a couple goodies to review. I only ever thought Sedona Lace was an American brand til I realised they shipped to the UK.. woop!

I thought I'd try their 120 Pro Palette and chose the second edition as I have a First Edition Manly palette from eBay (click here for blog post) and have bought a second edition Manly palette too.
They also sent their "Stick It To 'Em" eyeshadow primer which I thought I'd compare to my UDPP. 

120 Pro Palette - Second Edition

Packaging: Compared to the Manly palette, the outer packaging of the Sedona Lace palette has a matte texture and feels sturdier than the shiny plastic with Manly. I once ordered a Manly palette and received it with plastic outer case cracked and a couple shadows broken. The Sedona Lace palette does feel somewhat more durable.
The biggest difference for me as a MUA is the fact that the shadows in this palette are not as delicate as the Manly ones; I tested to see if the eyeshadows would fall out by turning the trays upside down and lightly tapping also and none of them fell out. Big thumbs up for me, as I can't describe how frustrating it is to have shadows fall out if a tray gets knocked over on a job!
Colour & Pigmentation: One thing that was a downer for me about the Manly palette was the inconsistent pigmentation of the shadows.. There were some vibrant and pigmented colours, but a lot of the pastel colours were so poorly pigmented I had to rub quite a few times to get any colour out of them! 
Thankfully, Sedona Lace's palette is consistent with pigmentation; they all have fairly good payoff, although the white isn't as pigmented as my La Femme single white shadow. All in all though, thumbs up for the colour selection as well as the colour payoff.
Texture: The shadows in this palette are less chalkier than in the Manly palette with some shadows feeling quite creamy as opposed to sheer and light.
Longevity: So far I've only tried the Sedona Lace palette for FFF makeup looks and the colours have held pretty well for the duration of doing so. Paired with a good primer I'm sure the shadows would last considerably longer.
Price: For $28.95 (approx £19) it's not a bad investment; of course you could start with the Manly palette or other eBay palettes as I did, but once you realise that some colours are unusable in that palette, I think this is the next step!

FrootiFactor: Overall I'd give the palette a 5/5 because it ticks all my boxes so far!

Stick It To 'Em Eyeshadow Primer
Straight out of the tube
Blended - tried to capture the slight sheen
Packaging: I quite like the packaging of this primer, aside from the metallic red colour I like the fact that its a tube design as with the new UDPPs. I find it much more hygienic than having a wand that goes on the eyelids then back in the tube and also find that the product remains how it's supposed to without constant air being pumped into it. You also get more product out of the packaging with this squeezy tube design.
Colour & Pigmentation: This primer is transparent when blended and has a peachy-pink tone when not, as with the original UDPP. 
Texture: The texture of this primer is much more creamier than the UDPP, which feels lovely, but remains somewhat greasy (as shown above). Compared to UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, this is different as they are also fairly creamy but dry within seconds so that it's no longer shiny/greasy and a great surface for shadows to stick to.
Longevity: Because of the creamy/greasy texture this primer doesn't seem to last as long as the UDPP which has always been my favourite!
Price: The Stick It To 'Em primer is usually $14.95 (approx £9.60) but currently on sale for $9.95 (approx £6.40). If the primer wasn't so creamy I would have said it's worth it because of the packaging and colour, but unfortunately for me I need to work fast and have a primer that can keep up with drying time and longevity!

FrootiFactor: I'd have to give this primer a 2.5 out of 5 as it doesn't dry as fast as I need to and hasn't proved crease-free yet.
Overall, I'm very happy with the 120 Pro Palette but didn't find the primer was for me. I am however looking to try more Sedona Lace products in the future so keep an eye out for that!
You can purchase the products from the Sedona Lace website, with deliveries to the UK too which is great.

Have you tried any Sedona Lace products? If so, what is your experience and which would you recommend?


  1. looks like great palette :) i once bought a 120 eyeshadow palette and it was really crap! this however seems much better :) lovely review xx

    1. If it was from eBay then it may be like mine and the consistency in shadow pigmentation isn't the same. You definitely get that with this palette though! xx

  2. This palette looks great, ive been wanting to invest in a multiple colour palette but just havent took the plunge yet,i think this may just be the one! x

    1. I'd definitely recommend any 120 colour palette as it has most of the colours you could ever need! This ones particularly good because the pastels are actually pigmented =) xx


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