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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hello my lovely readers!

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This weeks Tuesday Takeover is by Shireen who is reviewing the Illamasqua cream blusher in Dixie:

Illamasqua Dixie Blush [review]
Hello to all you fabulous readers. This is Shireen from Sheen's Fabulosity Studio, a very good friend of mine from Pyari Beauty told me that Safiyah was looking for guest bloggers for her wonderful blog so naturally I jumped at the task.

I love this time of year when the chunky sweaters are chucked away in the suitcase giving way to some pastel colours and light waterfall cardigans. During this time I like my makeup to be a bit bright as well, with a sprinkling of bronzer so that the pastiness of winter does not show up on my face. In the matter of hiding the winter paste I came across Illamasqua last year in December when they were having a sale and boy was this blusher a bargain at £5, unfortunately now its not on sale and it is £21.50 from Illamasqua.com, but it's totally worth it. Just look at the beautiful texture of this blusher, its really creamy but once applied it does not feel like you have a lot on your face and experimenting with it, I found some new tips and tricks to make this blusher THE thing to use everyday this Spring/Summer.
This beautiful pot gives you a very dewy finish and its a warm coral pink, perfect for my complexion. Its a bit difficult to find a good blusher for myself as I have a yellow undertone, so a warm coral that suits me is pretty hard to come by but this fits the bill really well. For me, I apply this with an Eco Tools foundation brush which I have found is pretty useful with anything creamy. Then blend upwards in circular motion with your brush into a "c shape" to achieve a natural flush rather than a caked on fake blush. For this blusher, less is more just build it up but this colour is so warm that you would not need more. 

Apply it on foundation for a dewy finish or under the foundation, yes, you heard me right, use it under your foundation for a wonderful glow and it will look so natural people will think its your own natural blush or flush coming on from under the foundation. Perfect for the no makeup "makeup" look.

You can also apply this cream blusher as a lip stain or as a balm and it works like a dream; it has vitamin E in it so it does not dry your lips. Apply it with your fingers and blend, Voila you have a matching lip colour that will suit you much better than any other lip colour with this blush. This is becoming my go to blusher for this season until I fall in love with another blusher. Famous last words, Dixie you are fabulous. 

Love and Peace All 
Sheen x


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