Christmas look 2

Friday, 17 December 2010

I thought I'd play about with Christmassy colours, so I chose to use gold green & red for this look.. alternatively I guess it could be used to represent flag colours for either one of these countries with the same colours!: click here!

Here's the products used for this look:

> Bare Minerals foundation - medium beige
> Manly palette
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in "covet" & "zero"
> Dior Show mascara (forgot to add to pic!)
> MAC select moisturecover concealer in NC35
> Clinique blusher in "sunset glow"
> Natural Collection lipstick in "crimson"
> Barry M lip gloss wand in "cherry"

For this look I used all the shimmery colours.. festive looks have to have some shine to them, whether glitter or shimmer! I opted for shimmer as the glitter was going to be on the lips. I started by buffing on Bare Minerals foundation onto my face in Medium Beige.
For the eyes, first I started by applying a golden yellow from the Manly palette to the inner corner of the eyes as well as under the brows, followed by a shimmery green to the middle and end of the eyelid (using the MO eye shading brush) and blending the golden yellow with the green. I then used the No 7 blend & contour brush to add a little bit of shimmery red above the outer corner of the eyes, winging it out a little, and blending upwards into the gold underneath the eyebrows. I added gold to the rest of the eye area, blending into the green and reds, to make it less harsh. For the lower lashline I used a thin wet brush to add the golden eyeshadow colour in an upwards stroke along the lashline, followed by UD Covet eyeliner on the lower waterline. For the top liner I used Covet again, with Zero on top, for a dark green/black liner. After applying under eye concealer, I used Dior Show mascara on top and bottom lashes.

For the cheeks I used Clinique Sunset Glow, and for the lips I used Natural Collection lipstick in Crimson, followed by Barry M's glittery red lip gloss - Cherry. Unfortunately the glitter didn't show up much in the pictures, but I assure you, its lovely and sparkly to add to your lips for a festive look!

Hope you like it!



  1. The colors look really nice on you. You look gorgeous!

  2. soo gorgeous :O it's hard to pull off crimbo colours without looking like a utter muppet :/ this reminds me more of the caribbean though, so juicy and summery! haha lylljt xx

  3. LOOOOOL! Snow fights are the shit but me and hubby haven't had one yet this year. I remember the last time it snowed hard, january methinks, i was snoring in bed and hubby went up to the balcony and picked up as much snow as he could. He came downstairs, yanked off the covers and threw the lot on top of me, up my top, in my pants, rubbed it into my name it! I couldn't get up for shit, he just held me down and terrorised me with that flippin snow :/ I swear my heart almost jumped out of my chest, I was so shocked!

    I don't think we'll ever grow up lol we've even had a popcorn fight xD


  4. aww thank you girlies =) mwah


  5. This is a good Christmas look! Love that you used red. I like the angles of your pictures too. That way we can see your makeup really well.

    I'm going to attempt to do a dark Christmas look when I go out tonight. We'll see how that goes. :-)

  6. ohhh .. so nice.. i want to try it. i just don't know what occasion to wear this :)


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