Friday, 31 December 2010

Seeing as I haven't yet been able to show off what the Mavala All That Glitters set looks like (click here for my post), I thought I'd do it for NYE.. relevant sparkly nails!
I also managed to try out the two Andrea Fulerton stripe & sparkle nail polishes I got, so here they are..

First up is the Mavala All That Glitters duo. Here's one coat of both:

And one with two coats:

I loooove the Pure Diamond one (right), I lovve multicoloured/holographic glitter. Either of these would be great for NYE/New Years!

For the Andrea Fulerton Stripe & Sparkle nail polishes, I used a plain Red Herring red nail polish as a base. 

Left to right: 1) Pattie glitter sprinkle, 2) Kathleen fine white glitter sprinkle, 3) & 4) Pattie black stripe, 5) Kathleen white stripe (used as french manicure).

The glitter sprinkle part of the Stripe & Sparkle is a bit hard to use (hence a bit of sparkle gone over the end of the nail), but you can slightly correct it with another layer of red/dark coloured nail polish. The stripe brush is really great though, and excellent for doing a french manicure free hand.

Here's the second nail (Kathleen glitter) with a clear top coat; the whiteness of the glitter becomes clear, so it gives it a subtle glittery shimmer:

I went shopping at Lakeside yesterday and didn't find a Gemstones pack that I could buy =(

I did however manage to find the new red Sleek pout polish in Scandal... and Sunrise blush! Here's the packaging and swatches of the two:

They look similar to Electro Peach pout polish and Rose Gold blush, but trust me the Scandal pout polish is scarlet red compared to the coral-peach Electro Peach and the Sunrise blush here is more brown toned than Rose Gold which is more peachy toned. Judging by the colour of Sunrise, I'd expect it to be better as a bronzer =)

Have a great new years everyone, hope it brings greater things than this year for you all and you're all happy and blessed =)



  1. Happy new year's to you too!
    I really like how nail no 3 with the striper turned out :-) And I'm keeping that Sleek Sunrise blush in mind!


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