Ice Queen makeup look

Friday, 3 December 2010

Seeing as the last couple days have been exceedingly cold and snowy, I decided to follow up on the "icy" look I planned to do. And as I was mainly at home with a lot of time on my hands this week, I thought I'd go all out and do a theatrical Ice Queen look. It reminds me a lot of that Australian programme that used to come on in the 90s - The Tribe lol!

Here's what I used for the look:

> Models Own "silver grey" eyeshadow (mixed with face cream)
> Manly Palette
> Lanmei holographic pigment glitter
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in "zero"
> UD Ink for Eyes liner in "zero"
> Dior Iconic mascara
> MAC select moisturecover concealer in NC35
> Victoria's secret blue mascara
> Superdrug 2true Crystal Couture diamantes
> Vaseline

I forgot to add the Lanmei loose glitter "pigment" to the picture, as well as the MO Silver Grey eyeshadow and Superdrug diamantes, so here they are:


To start, I mixed the MO Silver Grey with face lotion to try and get a silvery sheen effect that is often seen in icy makeup. For the eyes I used the white/silvery white eyeshadows from the manly palette all over the eye (after primer), from eyelid to eyebrow. Then I went on to adding the Lanmei glitter on the full eyelid, using a bit of Vaseline to hold it down. It's a lot of glitter, so beware of getting it in your eye if you attempt to put loose glitter on the top eyelid! I got this loose glitter as one of the free "pigments" that came with the Manly palette from eBay.
I then used the UD ink for eyes to make the winged design above the eyelid from the outer corner, and following the liner into the eyelid creases, first in the main eyelid crease, then into the fold(s) where the glitter has created a crease (if that makes sense!)
I lined the inside of the lashlines both upper and lower with UD 24/7 in Zero, and also a thin line of topliner with the UD Ink for Eyes brush. 
I then used a light/icy blue from the Manly palette under the bottom lashline (using MO blending brush as it has a slightly pointed brush), following the winged lines in the outer corners of the eyes that I had just done with the UD Ink for Eyes. Finally I added Dior black Iconic mascara with a little bit of the Victoria's Secret mascara I had, although the blue mascara doesn't show and added the Superdrug sticky diamantes above the eyebrows.

For the cheeks I used a bit of blue eyeshadow from the palette in the hollows of my cheeks/under the cheek bones. Again, for the lips I used a blue eyeshadow mixed with vaseline, to try and get a frozen lips effect..

Not the most attractive look, but that's the point!



  1. You have so much talent!! I love this! :-)

  2. Wow that looks amazing! So artistic.. :) Great post!!

    - Sriya xx

  3. gorgeous! and your lashes are so lovely.

  4. aaargh i absolutly love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful look! Love the way you made the lines!

  6. This is soo pretty! Love the look!



  8. Thank you everyone!! =D
    @beautifull - please do put up pics if you do! Or even if you do your own version.. I was thinking it would be a great contest wouldn't it? Ice Queen vs Christmas look? =)


  9. extremely beautiful :)

    loved it..

  10. Yay you did a icy look and it is fabulous! Love it you are talented! x x x

  11. Adorable look and blog!!! Here is my beauty blog, for whenever you are feeling like stoppin by
    Will soon have a prizegiveaway for XMAS!
    Love from Greece!!!

  12. Wowww...I loved this! Sooo creative!

  13. You look AMAZING! Visually stunning!!


  14. Hey,
    Just found this look while searching for pics of the 120 palette. Love the look you came up with. Following you.


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