Sleek Saturdays - Caribbean Cocktail makeup look

Friday, 26 August 2011

Seeing as I've recently acquired a LOT of Sleek Palettes, (sunset, sparkle, good girl, bad girl, meditteranean, caribbean, oh so special, and now the nude palette *phew*), I decided to make use of them as much as possible and join in Liloo's Sleek Saturdays this week.. and hopefully more if I get the time!
I used the Caribbean palette as it best suited the dress I was wearing which was my inspiration for this look!
My dress colours:
I kept this look very simple as I was in a rush to go out shopping, otherwise I would've loved to go to town using as many colours as possible!
So here's the look!
Sorry I didn't get to capture the whole face, as none of the pictures I took showed the true colours of my makeup but it coordinated perfectly with the dress, using my MAC wonderwoman lipstick in Spitfire and Sleek pout polish in Raspberry Souffle on top!

Colours used for the eyes from the palette:
> Martini (off white shimmer) - inner corner of the eyes and brow bone
> Apres Midori (bright green shimmer) - middle to end of eye lid
> Purple Haze (matte purple) - crease and outer bottom corner of eye
> Green Martini (forest green shimmer) - bottom middle lashline

Other products used:
> UD eye pencil in Zero
> UD ink for eyes in Zero
> Too Faced Lashlight Mascara
> UD bronzer in Toasted
> Sleek blush in Pomegranate
> MAC lipstick in Spitfire
> Sleek pout polish in Raspberry Souffle

I hope you liked this short EOTD, I'll be back with more shortly!



  1. I love how the green and purple look together, very pretty. x

  2. You pulled those colours off, I would never be able to rock that look.

  3. I would never expect that purple to work so nicely in the crease.
    I like this.

  4. i really love the color combo hun! I am starting to like colors so i;ll definitely will try this!:)

  5. I loove the look, it looks awesome! ♥ Love your eyes (:

  6. I am going to call you esteeem because I forgot your real name already. This is absolutely gorgeous. I would have never imagined something so pretty coming out of the caribbean palette, which at first looks so gaudy and flashy. just absolutely gorgeous. It was lovely having you on sleek saturday xx


  8. Ooo.. Nice..! ^_^ Still have not gotten a single sleek palette. so so so tempting but I rarely wear eyeshadow..

  9. Gorgous look! BTW, Isn't it a Matthew Wlliamson for H&M dress? :)

  10. Thank you everyone =)
    And @Merci - nope, just a cheapo maxi dress from a local shop but I loved the colours and the design.. but I'm interested in this Matthew Willamson one now!

  11. im loving the colors in this so tempted to buy it but i have so many sleek palettes which i haven't even touched yet...literally haven't used so many of them =[ lol

  12. really pretty swatches and EOTD !!!

    xxx Vee

  13. You did an awesome job! It looks gorgeous!! <3


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