London Madness

Wednesday 10 August 2011

I'm in between writing (beauty) posts at the moment (don't you just hate it when you have loads of unfinished drafts?!), but I thought I'd take a break from beauty and cosmetics to quickly post about the London/UK riots occurring.
The above pictures seem so movie-like, and at first I was in shock at how surreal it seemed; almost dreamlike, but it's been 3 days now and people are still expecting more looting and rioting.
Monday was when most of the other places in London kicked off, including where I currently live; Hackney. 
It was awful to see the streets being closed off, helicopters above head and sirens everywhere whilst these youths randomly set alight cars, just for kicks. I wanted to actually kick those youths for just that.

Personally, it disgusts me that people are trashing normal people's houses, cars, family businesses, but also their own neighbourhoods. No matter how much you feel victimised by the police, there is no condoning damaging shops and people's livelihoods.

The fact that the police cannot do anything to teach this youths and fools a lesson angers me even more and sitting at home watching the tv screen where youths are squaring up to the police makes me sick.

These youths have no discipline or morals in themselves, they obviously think it's funny and profitable for them to loot whatever they want, but the truth is, they need to be taught a lesson. I've been brought up in east london and went to one of the worst schools in the borough, so this sort of behaviour is something that isn't new to me; yet it disgusts me that it's reached a bigger scale where youths aren't even scared of police.. let alone headmasters/teachers.

I do implore any bloggers out there with children, especially those of ethnic minorities, to not harbour hatred for police/society, as I do believe that these riots are the result of that. Saying that, I do feel for those of ethnic minorities, who do get stopped more often than non-ethnic minorities, but this is no excuse for tearing apart towns/shops/cars.

It pleased me today to see the public rise and use twitter to clean up the streets, it goes to show that mob mentality can be both negative aswell as positive. I hope people can learn a valuable lesson from this; discipline of youths is much needed or our future generations will be headed for a much bigger disaster in the future.

For now, I just hope that these youths are caught and prosecuted for their carelessness and stupidity and that London can gain it's dignity again before the Olympics.

I hope that whoever is living in this social nightmare keeps safe and out of harms way until things get back to normal.



  1. Your post has a lot of good and relevant points.

    It's sad to see something like this happen in London and then spread to other cities. :(

  2. It is awful I can't believe how out of control it's got, and now the 3 poor guys in birmingham that have been killed, it's so heartbreaking, stay safe xxxx

  3. That's pretty sad things like that happened . Just be safe girl

  4. Though I'm not in the UK I still feel terrible! :( Hope it all stops soon!

    Stay safe!

  5. I was at my boyfriend's in Stoke Newington the first night it happened and I had him walking me home(in Highbury), I felt so scared as I was watching the online new .
    Then the next day, fear was replaced by anger. I felt like going out in the street and just give a good slap in the face to all these little careless, uncivilised, unrespectfull kids!
    I was and still am disgusted by what happened, and wish that justice will take care of them and show them how to respect and behave.
    This is simply disgusting.
    Anyway I'm glad you're safe, and really sad for these 3 guys who died in Birmingham.

    Let's pray for a better future for London !

    xxx Vee

  6. @ Vee, so true I felt exactly the same! I really wanted to give those people a good slap and tell them to go home, but I'm glad its somewhat over for now.. its a scary thought though that things like that can happen so easily!



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