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Monday 22 August 2011

Recently I've been looking for models and photographers (and hair stylists) to collaborate with to build my portfolio and I have to say I've met some really nice people through it and managed to produce some excellent work.

I have a fascination with photography as it is.. the only problem is, I own a DSLR, but don't know to use it 100% properly.. or have the equipment to produce photoshoot style images, that are so much more better (in terms of lighting).

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my recent makeup looks I did on a gorgeous young model (Lauren), with the help of a lovely photographer.
I wanted some professional pictures of Asian/Asian Bridal makeup, so here's 4 of many pictures that I've managed to watermark!
The first two pics were an Asian Bridal look, whilst the last two were just an Asian fashion theme that I wanted for my portfolio. I have to say I love the sari, but sadly I'm useless at wearing one, so it's pointless me owning any!
I've added these pictures to my portfolio on my facebook page: Frootibeauty

Please do like the facebook page to view all my makeup looks so far, it's a lot easier than viewing it on blogger and I do link the makeup looks to the tutorials on blogger so I hope you find that useful!

I hope to review a lot more products soon, I've had so many hauls it's now uncountable and I feel bad I haven't had time to review them, although I've swatched almost every purchase!

Soon, my lovely followers,



  1. Such gorgeous looks these are! I love the first two pics :)


  2. wow these are great! I love the eyemake <3

  3. thank you girls!! I'm quite happy with them, they're exactly the kind of pictures I need for my portfolio.. and if I'm honest with you, it's really down to having a gorgeous model that it turned out so well! =)


  4. you have MAD SKILLS!!! i want you to do my face everyday, please?? lol

    Vonnie of

  5. @ vonnie: aww thank you hunny!
    Yeah defo, come to London and I'll do it for ya! ;) x

  6. Hi esteem :) Sorry it took me a long time to figure out that frooti beauty was the same person as esteem haha. I would love to see you doing sleek saturday. The deal is to post your makeup look, using mainly the shadows from a sleek palette of your choice, and to schedule the posting of that post for 8pm on saturday. Would you like to join us this saturday 27? let me know and I can prepare my post, and include a link to you, and your fabulous blog xx


  7. The photos are gorgeous!

  8. really gorgeous ! yo'ure very talented =)

    xxx Vee


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