Monday 17 January 2011

As promised, here's the makeup looks I did last week whilst I had my inlaws around. I'm going to use the same names that I used from my last post of sleepover makeup (here); Exhibit 1 (cousin J) wanted natural/neutrals, exhibit 2 (cousin Z) wanted a smokey look with brown, and exhibit 3 (sister in law Y), wanted to try pink/purple.
I used the Manly 120 palette for all three looks, if you would like to know which exact colours I used I'll try my best to remember!
Exhibit 1:
This was the look I did on the night of the Sleepover, however the pictures didn't come out that great on my screen so the next day I did a toned down version of this look (neutral/browns) and here's how it looked:

Exhibit 2 (cousin Z) - smokey look with brown:

And finally, exhibit 3 (sis in law Y) - pink/purple look:
Here's Exhibit 2 & 3 together aswell (I had to black out the background and hair sorry if it looks weird!!):
Which is your favourite? Also, with smokey eyes, what do you think is a good lip colour and cheek colour?



  1. These are brillaint. You are very talented. Which brush do youuse for your blending?
    Zoe x

  2. They are all lovely!

  3. i can't choose! both look SO lovely. great job, as always :)

  4. love the smoky black and gold look xx

  5. wow both are so beautiful! I think a good lip color for the neutral brown look would be the same, with shinny golden lip gloss. And for the Smokey look with brown, you could do a light pink or a rosy red lip.
    For the pink and purple look, I would do a bright or baby pink lip!

  6. smoky look with brown is definitely my favorite! it's great

  7. I like exhibit 2! It's so strong and pretty

  8. Aww thank you my lovelies!
    @Zoe- I used the elf brush set I got, the eyeshadow shading brush, and also the MO eyeshadow shading and blending brush. For small corners of the eye I actually use the elf lip brush from the set I got!
    @krystale yea I totally agree! I used rosy red on her lips coz she's quite pale and the eyes were very dark so I thought red would add some colour to her face.. I'll try pink next time, sounds good!

    I liked exhibit 2 the most aswell I think.. It turned out better than I thought!



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