NYX Round Lipsticks Review

Monday, 2 May 2011

Since spotting the "Margarita" NYX round lipstick at my makeup course, I have been wanting it desperately. I managed to find out through rhamnousia on Twitter about a lovely eBay seller Joy, who sells NYX products for great prices from America.
The Round Lipsticks are velvety textured and long lasting, making them NYX's best selling lippys. They're available for £4.95 each via the NYX website.
I decided to go for the 3 lipsticks offer Joy's cosmetic offers, seeing as I need a collection of red lipsticks for my bridal makeup collection. So I chose Margarita, Chaos and Eros; a coral colour and two reds. 
I received the lipsticks within 2 weeks which was great, however I think I may have used an old Margarita lipstick in my makeup course as this one I received seemed a bit more frosty.. does anyone know for certain if the old Margarita lipstick was a tad less frostier? I'm sure it was in the makeup course and more coral-ly than frosty peach.
 Margarita lipstick

Anyway, that was the only disappointment as frosty colours tend not to suit my lips as they are darker/pigmented, so on to the other two colours I chose: Chaos & Eros.

A dark, red lippy, bordering on the purple side in my pics! I do prefer this red to Eros though. Review: it's definitely pigmented, smoothes on nicely on the lips (provided you have Vaseline or a lip primer on!) and is reasonably priced considering!
Here's how it looked on my lips:

A orange-red lipstick, bright and slightly shimmery compared to Chaos, which has little to no shimmer at all! 
Here's how Eros looked on my lips:

Overall, the consistency of the lipsticks are great, not too drying and definitely better on the lips than the Diamond Sparkle lipstick I got before (check here for the post). The Diamond Sparkle lipstick is smooth and moisturising, but grainy in texture because of the glitteriness.
The packaging seems a tad cheap but it's expected to be honest and I do like the little window at the bottom of the lipstick that tells you what shade of lipstick it is. My only qualm with the packaging is that the colour is named on the lid.. so if you have three (or more!) lipsticks like me and have a terrible short term memory, it's easy to get it mixed up!
All in all though, aside from the Margarita non-suitability, I love these lipsticks and will defo buy some more soon!

Do you have any NYX lipsticks? Which colours would you recommend?



  1. Nyx lipsticks are one of those things I want to try but never get around to!

  2. I want some Nyx lipsticks! I love the ones you got.. Chaos looks lovely on you! xx

  3. Pretty colors! I love NYX Makeup! I have their Round Case Lipsticks in Watermelon & Strawberry Milk :)

  4. I love NYX, i should get my hands on some of their lipsticks :)

  5. i love those red colors!!! they look good on you :)

  6. I love NYX products but wish it was more easily available in the UK!

  7. @vijiiS, defo try the round lipsticks, think they're the best NYX products I own (so far)!

    @Sriya, Sami & Dollymix Diaries, defo try that ebay link, nice n cheap! N Sriya, I think I like Chaos on me better too =D

    @Leslie, Strawberry Milk sounds like a pastel to me so I don't think it'd suit me, but watermelon sounds interesting, must check them!

    @Rinz, thank you hun =)


  8. Hi! I've seen NYX Round Lipsticks on a clear packaging, are they fake ones? Or are they just the old packaging NYX has?


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