Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Quinceañera Bag

Sunday, 29 May 2011

In honour of Urban Decay's 15 year anniversary, here’s a LE makeup bag they named after the 15th birthday extravaganzas thrown for girls in Latin American cultures - Quinceañera.
The sales blurb:
"Large but not huge, its open shape holds plenty of makeup. The interior features a clear zippered pocket for your most sacred items. A double gold zipper opens on three sides so you won’t spend forever rifling through your bag, and satin inserts keep your makeup from falling all over the place. You don’t have to be 15 and primping for the object of your desire to appreciate its sparkly purple-ness or cool 15-Year Anniversary ticking pattern on the lining, but whipping it out might make you feel as blissed out as if you were. It packs easily into just about any suitcase, so take it with you on your next adventure."
This makeup bag retails for £16, which is perfect for those UD junkies (like myself) who need a bag to hold a lot of makeup, but can't afford to spend more than this which is generally the case around Christmas time.
I like the purple glitteriness of the bag, but I do fear it'd be a little too childish for older ladies to rock?? And the vinyl smell reminds me of plastic toys! It was hard to photograph the actual purple of the bag as my camera made it look more lilac/purple blue rather than it's actual pink-purple colour, but this zooming in caught the colour nicely:
It definitely does hold a lot of makeup so it's not small enough to fit in your handbag, but is a perfect size to hold all your essentials for a holiday (which is what I intend to do when I'm off in a couple of weeks!)
The interior pocket isn't large enough to fit the UD Bronzer, but I'd use it to hold brushes anyway, which it can do easily =)
The good thing about the design is that it unzips all the way around as opposed to just at the top, which allows you to reach deep inside, but without spilling makeup (due to the satin inserts/gussets). 
The 15 year anniversary pattern lines the inside of the bag, all easily wipe-clean vinyl too. My personal favourite is the embossed UD logos on the zips (and Lip Love lids too!)
The bags should be on counter from 15th May, so if you need a makeup bag suitable for going on holiday this year, or just to hold a lot of items, check it out!

Do you like this Anniversary item and see yourself buying it? Or did you prefer the 15 year anniversary eye pencil set?



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