Newly packaged tinted moisturisers

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The foundation alternative for dry skin types, without full-on foundation, Urban Defense gives a "dewy radiance". It contains light-diffusing pigments which diffuse the look of fine lines and wrinkles, which are common in dry skin types, giving a youthful, natural finish. You can build up the colour/coverage which allows you to wear it alone or under powder. They are quite yellow/orange based however; the lightest shade (Halo), is definitely too yellow for porcelain skin tones. I myself use Bodyguard usually and if I pump too much of it out, it makes me pretty orange/tanned-looking!
The new packaging however, allows you to take out just the right amount, whereas with the old packaging it's all too easy to pump too much out! 
It is paraben and fragrance-free and also contains SPF 20, as well as a multi-mineral complex that battles free radical damage, so it's pretty good for someone like me that doesn't like to wear foundation but would like an even tone on my face without looking too done up. The sun protection is an added bonus for the face and in a pretty high SPF for a tinted moisturiser, I'm sold.
Here's the new outer packaging box; both inner and outer packaging are more maturer and look smoother in design, compared to the old child-like packaging.
There are four shades in total; from lightest to darkest: Halo, Bodyguard, Bulletproof & Forcefield.
I've got too shades: Halo & Bodyguard.
In comparison to the old packaging, this definitely looks and feels much sleeker.

In comparison to my old Bodyguard, this one actually seems lighter! It isn't much of a problem for me as I'd prefer it to be honest, to avoid the aforementioned orange-over application!
Here's swatches of the old and new Bodyguard:
As you can see, spread out the new one looks a tad bit lighter than the old one.. but I'm not sure if this is because my old one may have been on the shelf for quite a while so has aged. Overall though, the new bodyguard is better suited to my face and blends in a bit more better. Both set really quick though, so you have to work with them pretty quick so as not to get patches. 
Here are the swatches comparing Halo & Bodyguard:
Halo is definitely too light for my skin as you can see, but I love the glow they seem to give. I'd only really recommend them to people for dry/ dry-combination skin.. not so much for oily skin as I'd expect it to slide off.. unless of course you wear a mattifying primer or powder on top.
The tinted moisturisers should already be on counters, they're certainly available via



  1. i love their tinted moisturizer :) love UD prods in general!

  2. tell me about it! The tinted moisturiser if perfect for me, have to say!



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