Bridal Trial - Royal Blue & Green

Friday, 6 May 2011

Last Bank Holiday Sunday I did a makeup trial for one of my cousins who's getting married this July. I will be away in Morocco for my sister-in-laws wedding for the main (red) day, but will be back for the second day (called the walima).
My cousin will be wearing a royal blue dress with emerald green border on her veil, so I chose these colours and a silvery-gold to match the threadwork and beading/stones.
I did a different look per eye, to see which one she preferred/which one suited her best.

So here's what it looked like:

The left eye:
and the right eye:
Which eyeshadow style do you think looks best? We've got until July to decide, let us know!

On another note, it's my birthday tomorrow so I'll be holding a giveaway in light of it, stay tuned for more news soon!!



  1. Both looks are pretty..but the more i like is the right eye!! Happy Birthday wishes in Advance..
    love u

  2. AMAZING!!! LOVED it <3 :)

  3. This is stunning :) so beautiful. Also, Happy Birthday x x

  4. aww thank you girlies! =)

    @sumitha - the right eye turned out neater and looked nicer, but we thought the left eye opened up her eye more cos of more light eyeshadow on the eye... :S

  5. I like the left eye more. It looks pretty and opens her eye more.

  6. The right looks gorgeous esp close up, but like you I'd go for the left for overall effect. x

  7. I LOVE both!! Can't pick which one I like best! xx

  8. Love them both, but I think I prefer the style of the left eye!

    I normally do mine like the right, but this makes me want to learn how to do it more like the left...It looks great!

  9. Both are very pretty!!

    sometimes dark colours can close up the eyes, so the left will make her look more 'awake'. I do love the gradient on the right eye though.

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  11. Wow! These looks are gorgeous! You have some serious talent! I like both eyes but I prefer the one on the right for bridal :)


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