Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The new waterproof mascara from Urban Decay is here, rumoured to be replacing the waterproof Big Fatty mascara.

It has a similar brush to the Big Fatty mascara but not as "fat":
I find that like the UD Lash Primer, this mascara has visible fibres in it that thicken the lashes, giving it volume:
Here's my lashes without anything on:
And then with Cannonball mascara:
Either the Lush Lash System I've been using is working or this mascara made my lashes super long but the mascara made them look scarily long and spidery! So I brushed it out with a clean mascara wand et voila:
Much more better! I personally don't like clumpy lashes so always tend to brush my lashes out. The mascara smells quite chemical-ly, but glides on smoothly, if not a bit dry. But I prefer dry mascaras to wet ones to avoid clumpiness again. The good thing about this is the waterproof quality as to date I haven't owned one and I have noticed less smudging towards the end of the day.
Priced at £15 (like the other mascaras), it's not cheap but may be something you're looking for if you need a waterproof mascara! Officially released by 15th June again, keep your eyes peeled for this! 



  1. Oooh! My super straight lashes need a good waterproof mascara to hold curl. I'll probably be getting this next time I head to Sephora!
    I wonder if it really works in the pool? haha :)

  2. Apparently so! The "boss lady" of UD (Wende) tried it on a trip to Fiji which included "sweaty yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, scuba diving and surfing", so it must work?!


  3. Interesting, I have never tried any Urban Decay Mascara x


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