Revisiting Khuraira Products

Friday, 20 May 2011

For those of you who don't know, I discovered Khuraira at the start of this year (click here for my original reviews on certain products I received) and have used the Brow Fix and Age Control Concealer (ACC) religiously everyday since then and in quite a few makeup looks! I love the fact that the concealer is creamy, dewy and very thick, which is exactly what's needed for my hideous dark circles. I've used it on a few other people aswell and they've commented that it makes you look "flawless", so I want to add all three shades of this concealer to my kit/wishlist!
Age Control Concealer - Light
 Brow Fix
The other concealer still remains pretty much unused and the dark circle primer hasn't been used as much as I thought I would cos I didn't notice much of a difference and if anything, a orange tint to my eye area! Maybe I used too much of the product, because I also noticed the same thing with a Laura Mercier orange corrector for dark circles too that I had bought.

Recently I have added the Invisible Powder and Lash Lengthening Mascara to my makeup kit to use on other people. Yesterday I did a friends makeup for an occasion and used the invisible powder on her, worrying if it'd make her look ashy (she's black). It actually set the foundation really well as she was an oily skin type and was actually invisible, so I'm impressed. Khuraira do claim that it is used by Oprah, so now I've tried it on darker skin tones, I do believe their claims. Plus I'm all for products that do what they say on the tin, so this now gets a proper thumbs up.

I haven't used the Lash Primer much, especially since I've started using the Urban Decay Lush Lash system, which has it's own lash conditioning mask, but the consistency of both are pretty similar, although the UD lash mask is less visibly white. As for the lipstick, it's one I use on my days off work, at home, cleaning, etc, (yes I'm that glam!) just a nice natural shade and keeps my lips moisturised =) 

Khuraira are an American brand, but ship worldwide thankfully, otherwise I would never have discovered their wonderful products, but if you're interested in buying the concealer for instance that I use regularly, then the link will remain permanently on the right sidebar (under the Eyeko code) or you can click here to go directly to the site where they are having a sale on a couple items! I'm currently on a spending ban by the hubby though, so if anyone wants to buy me those concealers....! lol

Have you tried Khuraira or heard of them before? If not, which concealers would you recommend for dark circles??



  1. I remember reading on another blog that they do a red concealer for really dark circles. I know that orange helps get rid of dark circles but apaprently red is better for our skintones.

    The blog post had pics that showed the difference between using it and not using it and it really seemed to make a difference..

  2. Hmm not sure if it comes in red, I thought it was just this one? Coz this one is apparently for darker skin tones, Khuraira do for light and especially dark colours =)

    If you do see the post again, let me know!



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