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Monday, 20 September 2010

Earlier this year (June 25th to be exact) I went to the Clothes Show in London (, where I watched a great fashion show, saw The Wanted, and shopped around for bargains. Funnily enough, I managed to leave the show with... only makeup (despite the fact it was a CLOTHES show lol!).
I managed to buy a few Jelly Pong Pong goody bags for a bargain of a price, but one stand at the show caught my eye, and although I had tried out the shadows in Superdrug before (and not been too impressed; well who would after Urban Decay?!), I found their stand quite welcoming. They were selling goody bags for £10, I chose the "Jakarta" bag which included the following:

> Eyeshadow i-Divine palette in "sunset"
> "Glo" face & body highlighter
> Pout Polish in "raspberry souffle"- limited edition! (not in pic)
> "Harare" false eyelashes
> Nailed nail polish in "bare"
> Travelcard holder!

All this would normally amount to £21.95 (excluding the travelcard holder of course!) so I made a royal saving of £11.95.. not bad!

After trying out the colours on my hand/arm again, they didn't seem too bad, although I find them quite powdery i.e. dust everywhere when applied. But then they are mineral eyeshadows, and pretty good colours, particularly asian bridal colours (reds and bronzes).

I'll defo be using this palette sometime soon, with a primer.. whether ELF or UD, I'll have to see ;)

The Glo face & body highlighter is quite lovely, gorgeous colours and came with a nice little instruction leaflet on where to highlight on the face. I love bronzers/blushers like this because they have multipurposes- bronzer/blusher; individual colours can be used for highlighting the face; individual colours can be used as eyeshadow. Look out for this in looks to come, I'll be adding labels so the products are searchable.

Although I'm not that acqainted with eyelashes, these are my third pair, and I still don't seem to have the knack of putting them on.. practice makes perfect though eh!
I'm not too obsessed with nail polish out of all makeup items, so it was good to have this to the collection, but I must say it is a nice nude colour, very natural, as if barely on.

My most faaavourite product of this goodie bag has to be the Pout Polish, as you can see I have used it before on the makeup looks posted so far. This little beauty gives gorgeous colour, smells sweet, is non-sticky AND has SPF15. It doesn't get much better than that! I brought it into work aswell and my fellow makeup lovers absolutely adored the colour and feel, so I was asked to get one if possible for one person. I searched high and low for the limited edition "raspberry souffle" but it indeed was "limited edition". Until I decided to ask my local Superdrug if they had any left, and sure enough, they had quite a few in the drawer! I snapped up two (a spare for myself of course!) and bought the "pink cadillac" whilst I was at it.
I'd defo recommend the Sleek Pout Polishes, aside from the fact it has SPF and smells lovely, Sleek do lovely colours, albeit very few. 



  1. *gasp* naff off! all for a tenner?? lucky girl ;] and may I add, your uncanny resemblance to jessica alby is freaky! you lucky LUCKY girl haha great blog, new follower xxx

  2. I know!! Got like 4 or 5 jelly pong pong products for £5 too, well worth it!
    N thanks lol if only! JA is hawttt!
    Hehe ur blog makes me LoL, luv it!



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